Help with my boyfriends scrapbook

MeganNovember 22, 2001

Ok, I'm making my boyfriend a scrapbook for christmas and so far i have poems and a note in there to him but I dont know what else i can add in it?? Also what would be a good cover? I'm using a binder! I need some help!! Please give me some ideas thank you very much megan

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Using this page as a guide, make a removable cover in fun fake-fur [when he's tired of it, you/he can make another]

If he has hobbies, interests, add bits of information about them - some photos [borrowed, if necessary].

If he's into cars, bikes, trucks, computers, sports, dancing, music, etc collect photos, pictures and brochures together with humour, quotes etc. Add a road map [the way to my heart] and even a price list [with ticks, of course].

Make it a keepsake for him, but it is from you - include a part of you, also.

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I always add what happened and who was who, etc. on the day you were born and I add their name in on famous people who were born on that date plus their accomplishments. Got to this site and check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Day You Were Born

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I'm doing the same thing and i made a page of our first date pic. if you have anyhting like that. And i also made a UT page of us at a game and put the checkered board around as a frame. I just printed that off of the internet.

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