replacing worn/torn pella door weather strip

chickadee4December 9, 2012

I contacted Pella two weeks ago asking for a replacement weather strip for a french door.
I was told they will need the product number located on the hinge. Nope there is no number on the hinge.
I did find a number on the glass but it is upside down and inverted.
An internet door company tracked down the correct weather strip based on photos I sent via e-mail. The internet company has given me more help for a 30 dollar item whereas Pella has not answered my two phone calls or e-mails.

I had the Pella service man here a year ago . I was charged 160 dollars for him to say that my Pella windows are fine and that in order to close them I need to spin the casement window really fast so it slams shut. The bottoms of 7 windows fell off. Most of the homes windows have mold growing on the glue which I was told that all i need to do was take a razor blade
WHY is there mold in between the window panes?
The sashes on the bottom trim are rotted on half the homes windows.Also the reason why the casement will not shut is the screws to the brackets were hitting the casement.
I am not a Pella fan. The windows are just out of warrranty and all rotting.

we are in 20 degree temps and I need this kerf style weather strip that has a half inch bulb to it.
How would you handle no response from Pella?
Would you fashion a weather strip by gluing two products together?
The kerf insert that I found is too tall for the kerf depth and I need a good inch and a half width to fill the door gap.
Presently I used two insulation glue strips to the door but each time I open it the strips fall apart.

Could I make the doors grove deeper to accommodate a deeper kerf?

I will need to replace 24 windows and a french door in the spring that are made by Pella. They all have rooted sashes, and leaking hinges.
How in the world does Pella manage to stay in business.

Pella products rot and there is no customer service. TWo weeks and not an e-mai or a call. I even gave them the product number needed .
I have seen Pella salesman respond on this website. DON'T You guys %^$#!!!

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sorry for your experience. You should call them directly and work your way up the food chain. Companies don't get as large as Pella without someone caring about how the customers are treated.

good luck and I hope you get some satisfaction.

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