Front door; Gap between door and jamb

nyc_sodDecember 18, 2006

The gap between the door and the jamb on the front door is about 3/8" at its widest to about 1/8". The deadbolt only goes in about 1/4" at the most into the jamb. Obviously, this is not very secure.

This door is an original to a 1920's bungalow and is not square to the frame. In additon to the space on the vertical side (lock) there is a space on the top as well. I need to address the gap for the deadbolt as well as weatherstripping for insulation purposes.

What is the best way to address these issues? Please help!



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The correct method is to remove the trim from both the inside and outside, cut the nails used to install the door on the top and latch side(leaving the nails untouched on the hinge side), and move the top to get a uniform gap along the top. Then move the latch side to get the same uniform gap along the side of the door. Using finish screws(available at most hardware stores) helps eliminate the movement while nailing. The best way to pull the nails from the trim is to pull out the back---that does not mess up the surface. Then replace the trim.

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