Tuesday Tea...first day of November

lavender_lassNovember 1, 2011

Can you believe it's already November? It's been pretty nice out, so it feels more like early October, but we're supposed to get some snow, Thursday morning. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and Christmas will be here, in less than two months :)

Today, I'm making apple bars and having Earl Grey tea. I should probably try something new, but I will be getting the holiday teas out soon. The spice teas, Christmas teas, Red Zinger, etc. are all so good, when it gets really cold outside.

What are your plans, for today? I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy your tea.

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I had a bottom tooth pulled this afternoon. No tea or goodies for me, and I haven't had anything to drink since 8:3am. this morning on account of the tooth ache. :( I want coffee or tea so bad right now.

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Oh, Schoolhouse that's awful! I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and get some fillings. The last time I went there, I ended up having to get a root canal. Hopefully, this time will be better.

So sorry about the tooth ache. I hope you're able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, soon. You're far too sweet a person, to have such a rotton day :)

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Thanks Lass. It's still very sore, but I ate a little last night and had coffee and a soft egg this morning. Good luck on your dental visit today, I wouldn't wish a root canal on anyone! Hope it doesn't come to that. Let us know later how you feel.

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Schoolhouse- How are you feeling? I hope you're doing much better...maybe warm tea would help?

I'm back from the dentist and only had to have two fillings today. I told myself...for my 'reward' I would get 6 purple hyacinths from Fred Meyer. When I got there, I got the last bag of 6 purple hyacinths...and they were 40% off! What a nice surprise, at the end of a stressful day! Now, I have to go plant them, since we're supposed to get snow, tonight :)

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Eh, it still hurts. I'm rinsing my mouth with salt water and that helps for awhile. The tooth right next to the one that was pulled is sore. Of course, I won't settle down - have to be up and about doing something or I go crazy, plus I've been drinking coffee and had tea this afternoon AND eating very carefully. Hopefully by Friday it should start to feel better.

Ugh, I know I need fillings, too; but it will probably take another toothache to get me in there. All my old fillings are falling out! You really do deserve your purple hyacinths if you only needed two fillings. Snow for you tonight? I think we are back to rainy days beginning tomorrow afternoon.

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Sorry to be late to the party, Lav.
But we had no power for a long time, and now I am in the throes of deciding what to pack and how to put it into the PODS that arrives next Saturday.

It won't be long now.
And all my varieties of tea are going home with me. Once I get home, I am ordering a real camellia sinensis, which is the tea plant. Regular camellia japonica and sasanqua japonica grow easily in our gardens in Mobile, so I'm hoping I can grow my own tea.

I recommend that YOU plant such a bush in a pot and keep it in your greenhouse once it is built. But it is a gorgeous bush to look at, and can be nipped as it grows to make a spot of tea at any time.

Now that it is no longer daylight savings, my internal clock will need some resetting. I expect to have more cups of tea today to keep awake.

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