Light Bulb Pull Chain broken

boneladyDecember 28, 2005

I pulled the chain to turn off my closet light this morning and the string came right off! It appears to be torn right to the fixture, and I can't figure out how to reattach anything. Am I doomed to dress in the dark or do I have to call an electrician to replace the fixture?

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Do you mean that the small chain is totally broken off the fixture? Usually the string will break but the chain will still be there. If not, unless you're handy you may have to bite the bullet and call someone. A handyman should be cheaper than an electrician if you can find one.
I would even go as far as going to a Home Depot or neighborhood hardware and buying the fixture myself. Replacing a fixture like that is not difficult at all and should not cost you an arm and a leg to repair or replace.

All the best to you.

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It is very simple procedure to change one these fixtures. First you need to purchase an enclosed lightbulb fixture with a pullchain. The bare bulb types are no longer used in closets. Turn off the electricty to the present fixture, remove present fixture, and disconnect the two wires on the old fixture. Reconnect the wires to the new fixture using the wirenuts removed from the old fixture and screw back into place.

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This happened to me recently. Easy fix that takes about ten minutes. See instructions above. The fixture I bought cost about $10.00.

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THanks, rjoh! I actually did it !

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Your Welcome!

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