Have you ever had one of those moments? :)

lavender_lassNovember 18, 2011

First of all, I have to preface by saying...has everyone seen Miracle on 34th Street? Do you remember at the end, when Maureen O'Hara and John Payne are looking at Natalie Wood's 'dream house' and they see the cane in the corner of the room? And for a moment...you wonder if Chris Kringle is the one who brought them purposely to the house...so Natalie Wood could get what she really wanted for Christmas? I love that movie and whenever those little moments of 'probably coincidence, but...' happen, it always reminds me of the end of that movie.

So, in that spirit, I have to tell you the funny thing that happened yesterday, while I was looking at the debris, that was my porch and now boarded up window. I had been researching herbs and flowers for the nieces' fairy garden...which has grown from the side garden to around the house...and even under the plum trees. So what was once my cottage garden, due to all the herbs to keep the deer out of the roses...has kind of turned into more 'fairy garden'. Anyway, it was kind of cute that all the lavender, bee balm, sweet woodruff, spearmint, etc. were protective/safe herbs that kept unwanted trouble, from your home. So, as I'm surveying this debris...it hits me that the porch was pushed over, to exactly where the lavender starts, in my front garden. There's nothing in front of the porch or under the window...and then the spearmint is planted about 12" from where the window and structure were damaged.

So...this could all be coincidence and something else could hit that lavender tomorrow....but I think I'll add some herbs into my new garden next spring. I mean, it couldn't hurt, right? :)

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Ah, Lavender, you have truly hit upon a not-such-a-coincidence. How lovely that story is. I wish you would, at some time this winter when it is too cold to go out, put that into a story for your nieces, and illustrate it just like the Jo Koch books....the tea, coffee, etc picture books.

You just outlined the basic theme of the book/story, and to have it short and to the point, but with the traditional uses of herbs, what a great wintertime project!!

And while you're at it, think about putting some lavender around your mailbox too. Or perhaps put some poison ivy around it to punish those who would whack it with a baseball bat.

Please remember to put in some nasturtiums somewhere. They like cooler weather, and I cannot grow them in south Alabama. They go to seed almost immediately, unlike the 100 foot rows of blooms I could plant up here in MA.

You are a creative little lady, so go for the book!!

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awesome story! I agree, you should write it up and add into it some little pics/graphics of herbs, fairies... lol!

i believe more in the other rather than coincidence.

I do remember that part of the movie - loved it. I usually watch it each yr. that's a lot of viewings of it for me!

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Thank you both, so much for the kind words! It would be fun to write a book about the herbs and fairies...with lots of illustrations. I'm not an artist, but I know some wonderful ones :)

ML- So far, we haven't had any problems with our mailbox...except for the snow plows! My mom loves nasturtiums and plants them in her vegetable garden. I usually plant a few around the radishes and pumpkins, but I think my soil is too rich for them to bloom well. Maybe next year, I'll try a different area.

Steph- Miracle on 34th Street is such a fun movie to watch! My other favorites are It's A Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn...and of course, Rudolph :)

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