Sofa & Air Vent Clearance?

ttoddJuly 31, 2008

I'm considering putting my sofa over the floor vent in our LR. The sofa has a 2" floor clearance. Do you think that is enough? I wasn't able to find any guidelines on-line.

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Ttodd, are your vents on the floor near the wall? If so I used to put bricks behind the legs of my sofa's to keep them from covering the vents. Granted I had a skirted couch then. I've also used diverters.

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No, that doesn not seem like nearly enough clearance to allow the air to circulate in the room.

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My sectional sofa blocks one of the air vents completely, also about 2" clearance. I have no choice. Our heat is heat pump air, which is cool, so this has not been a problem as far as the temp of the air. I also put a disposable air filter in the vent to catch some of the dirty air. We also have an electrostatic furnace filter.
I would be concerned if your furnace heat is hot air during the winter - that the heat from the air would prematurely wear out the fabric.

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If you can back the sofa off of the wall a few inches, you will have enough circulation.

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Would these work to solve your problem? I have one in my MB (we have a heat pump) under a chest which has worked great for us, both with a/c and heat. The temperature has remained the same with/without the deflector.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heat Register Defector

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Oops, make that deflector! not defector! :)

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THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!! I am so relieved & feel like my options have been opened greatly.

We have dual zoned heat pumps & central air so hot air is not blowing out. That was a really good point & one that I'd not thought of. The vent is in the floor close to the wall. It's an old, old house so as anyone w/ old homes knows: small rms., lots of doors to each rm. & windows everywhere. Add a modern heat system w/ flr. vents & you can get super limited w/ furniture placement.

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