Which to buy??

bdbartAugust 4, 2011

I am in the market for a serger, my mother has one, but does not use it often, yet still wants to hang on to it instead of letting me test it out......Anyway, there are a couple of sergers on craigslist for about $100 (the links are below). I will try to test both of them out and see if the owners are willing to 'teach' me the technique. Are either one of these OK to buy for a first-timer? If so which?



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The second one is a good one,IF there is nothing wrong with it.Best to take someone with you that knows how to use it to try it out.I had a white 534 for 26 years and never had a lick of trouble with it.But when it finally pooped out,the parts for it were no longer available,so i got a new brother.


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Check them both out if you can, I do like the look of the second serger as it is very much like my Pfaff which is over 20 years old and still runs like a charm. I would take kathi's advice and get a person who knows how a serger works to go along with you for a second opinion. I can't say much about the first serger - IF what is posted is true, about it not being used much it deserves a look at...... when you go for a look, take some fabics with you so you can test out how it works on different types of material..check the blades in the cutters aren't worn or nicked... that is a major expense to get new ones (at least for my Pfaff it is). Budster - p.s. if you remember let us know which you got and how you like it.

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i have a white ats 2000, old, but good ... best advice: check em out before purchase .... darlene

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