hate window over bed

sadie709July 8, 2008


I have a queen sleigh bed under a window in my bedroom. I need some clever ideas on how to mimimize the window or else really play it up and make it the focal point. there are no other walls without windows or doors that i can move the bed too. the problem is that the window is narrow (36")and the bed is substantailly wider than the window. if the window was double wide and close to the width of the bed it would be easier to deal with. currently i have the windows trimmed in white with cream pleated shades inside mount. the room is painted BM french canvas with aqua and white bedding. the armchair is solid jade green.

I have allergies so a canopy and lots of drapery over the window won't work. I need help. Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated.


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Hope I understand your question right, we have a king size bed with window above and our window only goes half way over to the middle of the bed and looks off balance. I had husband frame a fake window with molding right next to our other window and continue it over our bed. I had a mirror put in the size of the fake window and bought a mini blind to match the other mini blind next to it, and I hung side panels. You don't have to have a mirror, you could just have your wall there behind the mini blinds or picture of outdoors. We just keep our mini blinds down and open. It looks so much better and balanced. Think I saw something like this on the Candice Olson show. I will try to have son come over to send a picture.

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You have two choices. Either add someting to both sides of the window or have a wider window treatment.

Option one would just entail hanging two vertical art pieces on either side of the window.

Option two, if your allergies won't allow fabric, would be to put up something like shutters but start them out much wider on the walls than the window is. I saw that look in Aruba.

BTW, am I the only person to constantly study things like window treatments and wall finishes when I'm in a hotel?

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Maybe you could mount some shutters on each side of the window that are fake.

Have you looked at angling your bed in a corner? I tried that in ours since we also have our bed under a window, but it wouldn't fit.

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Thanks for your suggestions.
I can have fabric. I just dont want a canopy and a wall of drapery. valance and side panels would be fine. shutters could work too. the top of the sleigh bed is about 4" higher than the bottom of the window trim and 1" higher than the sill so the bottom of the shutters would extend below the headboard. I think it is the bed covering the bottom of the window that is bothering me. I'm not wedded to the sleigh bed, but it is a nice oak bed i purchased for $100 in the sale room of a nice furniture store. got to love a bargain. the bed wont fit in the corner. the room is only 13+13. maybe the sleigh bed has to go. a nice iron headboard would look more cottagey to go with shutters. my nightstand is a black iron singer sewing machine base with a wood top that i would like to replace with marble.

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