Your Leaf guard Cost

richdelmoDecember 2, 2006

I just received an estimate to have leaf guard installed on my home, front and back 42' long. They quoted 3500, with a 350 tv discount and alos took off 200 if I allow them to put a small advertising sign on my lawn. So total price is just under 3000, what did you pay for yours and are you happy with it.

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About 10 or 15 years ago, I bought vinyl snap in leaf guards at Home Depot. I have not had to clean my gutters since. They are less than $2 for a 3' section. It took half a day to install them myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot vinly leaf guard

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Thanks, but I was hoping to get a comparison to determine if my quote is reasonable for this particular product.

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~71 a foot does not sound resonable for anything with gutters.
The original gutters did not cost that much.

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By all means spend $71.43 per ft. for your leaf guard gutters. I'm sure the company needs the business. If you shop around you may be able to spend more.

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sounds high to me but they must be them fancy ones

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I don't recall the exact price, but ours was more like $25 a foot a couple of years ago, including gutters, downspouts, hardware and labor. That was more expensive but comparable to other quotes for 'traditional' seamless gutters. If I read the original post correctly, it's 84 ft. (42 ft. X 2) for ~$3000, i.e., $35 per foot, and there's no mention of downspouts.

They're pricey, but we've been very happy with them. We have a lot of pine trees in the area, and while some of the different add-on covers work well with leaves, very few work well with pine needles. One of our neighbors had some added to her gutters, and they keep the pine needles out of the having them pile up on top. I think she may have finally had them removed because they just plugged up. Speaking from experience, clogged gutters are a sure route to rotted fascia, and left unattended, rotted rafter tails and more.

If you have problems with gutters clogging, consider LeafGuard or add-on covers, but make sure the covers work for your needs. If you don't have problems, go with something cheaper.

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Thanks diygene, my quote included removal of old gutters, labor, and down spouts. Being so close to the holiday season I told them the price was too high. They soon sent me a letter indicating they woud discount up to 20% for a re-consider, the key is "up to" 20% probably more like 5% if I call them. They do seem to have a nice product and I do live in a wooded area, we shall see. Thanks.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


Are you REALLY comfortable doing business with a company who continues to lower the original inflated price? Think about what they are saying to you.

Hey, Rich..we were so dang high in the first quote, we're willing to come down if you say no. Say no again Rich, and we'll lower our inflated, unfair price again.

Keep telling them they are too high.

Never do business with a company which low-balls itself!


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That price seems much too high. I would not trust that company either. I would go with some other brand such as Leaf Relief which is what I have on my home. Man, does it keep out debris. It is produced by Alcoa.

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I don't know if it was Leaf Relief that my neighbor had installed, but the design looks very similar. It did a terrible job with pine needles and clogged worse than if there'd been nothing at all. (There aren't enough decidious trees to know how well it would work with leaves.) The Alcoa marketing department sounds like it's in full force with this statement: "Leaf Relief's patented design allows water to flow freely while debris is lifted away from gutters with a gentle breeze." Gentle breeze? Uh yeah...right. It takes a strong wind to get pine needles off any horizontal surface around here.

In any event, LeafGuard is not the be-all and end-all of gutters, but as I said earlier, make sure the what ever you end up with works for your needs.

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I doubt that it was Leaf Relief on your neighbor's gutters since Alcoa provides a ten-year warranty against inside-the-gutter clogs. However, I have not yet seen a gutter or guard that is 100% maintenance free.

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I doubt that it was Leaf Relief on your neighbor's gutters since Alcoa provides a ten-year warranty against inside-the-gutter clogs.
It wasn't in the gutter, it was on top of the cover. Looking at the fine-print in Alcoa's warranty, I'm not sure if they'd have covered this:
"Our promise that for the 10-year duration of the Leaf Relief product warranty, so long as the product has been installed in the manner specified by Alcoa Home Exteriors, your gutters will not become clogged and overflow because it fills with ordinary debris that collects in gutters such as leaves, twigs, needles, or seeds."With the covers on my neighbor's gutters, the gutter interior never clogged. But the result was still that moisture was being held against the fascia and the edge of the roof.

But like I said, I don't know if the ones on my neighbor's house were Leaf Relief, just that it appears to be a similar design. If the Leaf Relief work as advertised and Alcoa backs up the warranty, that's great. What's the cost like? My neighbor may be interested since her gutters are fairly new.

However, I have not yet seen a gutter or guard that is 100% maintenance free.
Our LeafGuards have been 100% maintenance free over several years now. I don't know if LeafGuard stands up to their "as long as you own your home or we'll clean them for free" no-clog warranty, because they've never clogged. I just wish the roof kept itself as clean as the gutters do :-)

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Mastershield is a micro-filter. Just like any other filter, it collects debris and holds it until someone cleans it. Sooner or later, somebody will get the old ladder out to do just that or just do it from the safety of the ground with a hose.

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Leaf Relief offers the only gutter protection I know that has been tested by Intertek Testing Services. It was proven 100% effective against leaves, twigs, pine needles, and small debris. I doubt if Mastershield has experienced such testing by a reputable company and came out a winner.

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I am always hearing about people craving products tested by the mighty Intertek Testing Services. It has also been tested in the field on actual houses and failed repeatedly. Again, if it is so good, why not a money-back warranty? Please answer for me exactly why you don't have it. The product is better but not the warranty? Nonsense!

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PS Cogic, Every VCR sold to consumers during the 1980's was rigorously tested by Underwriters Laboratories. A slightly more recognized testing facility than Intertek. Almost every one of those units that met such rigorous standards has been replaced by the DVD. Not because UL was wrong about their standards, but because a better technology came along. Did I mention Mastershield has a Money-Back no-clog warranty? I notice you are yet to address this issue. Keep trying!

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Huskygardener, any idea what Mastershield costs are compard to Leafguard.

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Depending on the market you are in, if you can use your existing gutters, probably 20-22 dollars per foot. Where that is in relation to Leafguard I do not know. I will tell you that if you are willing to accept the curve design, Leafguard is one of your more expensive options. You can find curves for much less and don't let them fool you, they all work the same. Their selling points tend to focus you on things other than keeping debris out, like system strength, aluminum thickness, and range of colors. You did not begin this process because you did not think your gutters were thick enough or strong enough. It also probably was not because you did not like the color of your gutters. You began this process because you have a problem with a whole bunch of tree debris going into and clogging your gutters. The solution to that problem is not to spend thousands on a product where a whole bunch of debris still goes into your gutters, attached to a prepaid maintenance agreement. The solution is to keep all of the debris out so that noone ever needs to clean your gutters, including the company that installed them. That is an investment in your home. Gather up debris from your yard, have a curve company visit you, and while they are running water around the curve, drop your debris on it. You will be shocked at how much goes in. After you see this with your own two eyes, you probably won't spend $2/ft because it doesn't keep nearly all of the debris out. If it's 10 cents a foot it is a waste of money if it does not work. Think of this Rich, If I sold you a car and told you it had a 3 year 36000 mile warranty, where if anything went wrong from bumper to bumper, I would not fix it but I would wash your car for you for free, would you consider that a good warranty? If you buy gutter protection for your home and three or five or ten years from now it is clogged, regardless of whether or not that company will clean them for free, the product failed! It was guaranteed not to clog and it clogged. What most companies selling these systems these days will do at this point is come to your home and wash it. They are not going to fix it, they haven't been able to fix it for over a hundred years. I am sorry to be so long wided but I think people need the truth. Again, if their products are so revolutioary and amazing, why don't they have a real warranty? Good luck Rich, remember to keep all of the debris out, 100%. The technology does exist and its name is Mastershield!

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Cogic, I'm with you, I've had Alcoa's Leaf Relief for about 3+ years, I have lots and lots of pine needles and maple seeds, no problems with my system nor my neighbors Leaf Relief system. I'm so glad I didn't pay out the nose for one of those other products. There was a good thread about Leaf Guard and other products, see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf Relief Gutter System

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Here is what I am seeing

Cost per Linear Foot - two story TH's
5" Alum $8.14
5" + LeafRelief $14.77
6" $12.99
6" + LeafReleif $21.97

Assuming 20 year life
Adding LeafRelief add $21/year to 5"
and $30/year to 6".

So, if you can clean your own gutters for less than $20-$30/year you don't need Guards.

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I'm glad I found this series of postings but have a question for huskygardener. As I can make out from reading the warranty is 100% money back if the gutters clog. What is the warranty if the screens clog on top of the gutter? What if water will not go through the screen due to debris build up on top? Any answers would be helpful since I need to buy some system. I've spent $25,000 on ankle surgery from falling off the ladder cleaning the gutters and will not do it again. I have a long one story home and large shop to figure out something. Thanks

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I had this product installed on my gutters in 9/06 and debris will still build up on it in small clusters, but this does not prevent water from flowing around these areas and dropping into the gutter. I have seen areas on the first floor gutters that will get small twigs poking through some of the holes, but by no means blocking water from entering the gutter. Some homes look like they have lawns sprouting from their gutters, but the Leaf Relief installation on my house does not create this type of problem. The clusters eventually dry up after a storm and somehow disappear, at least in areas where the wind is strongest. I do not have pine trees near my home, so I cannot comment on it's use in that situation.

I'm happy to have the product which cost $5-7 per linear foot installed at that time.

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My (professional) son replaced our gutters and put the latest typoe of guards on them. I guess they work, but... the lip gets tree gunk on it, and the water drips over the edge - particularly under the oak tree. It fills in the 'reverse curve' and some of the rain will pass over the gutter.
I can't clean it off with the pressure washer, and have no interest in climbing up 25' to scrape it clean. If you see black gunk on the front of gutters, the guard is likely not functioning correctly, and I can't imagine a design that would avoid this.
(or maybe you can - let us know)

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Neighbor installed LeafGuard gutters and yes, while expensive, what you are paying for, is for the kid coming out 2 times per year in an unmarked pickup and cleaning the clogged gutters!! There is no such thing as clog proof gutters, I just pay a guy $150 per year (two times) to come out and clean my gutters. I figure I can have him out over the span of 20 years and still not pay as much as I would for a "clog proof system".

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I am a dealer for Mastershield in Nashville, Tn, Prior to that I sold Gutter Helmet for 5 years.
I have over 400 Mastershield installations. I had 2800 Gutter Helmet installs over a 5 year period in the middle nineties. There is no comparison in performance. Mastershield is far superior in every aspect. Have never had to send my installer out to clean out a Mastershield install. Over half of the Gutter Helmet systems had to be serviced at least once.

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leaf guard is ok for the right pitch roof but if you have a tin roof or slate K-Guard is a better option and cheaper

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