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donnar57August 29, 2010

Sometimes I get so frustrated at the lack of garment fabrics here locally (SoCal). The only stores that sell garment fabrics are Joann's (not much) and Yardage Town (a little more). Joann's is craft-focused, and YT is a little further to drive for me.

One fabric I haven't found at either place: what used to be known as "weaver's cloth". Maybe it has another name, though I can't find it by looks and its hand, either. I used to love to make skirts from it. About the closest I seem to come to it is "linen-look".

Anybody else have a favorite fabric that they can't find any more? What was your substitute?


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You can buy weavers cloth at joann's on line.

I find that there is a lack of searsucker these days, at least I couldn't find any that was suitable this summer. I like it for summer shorts and capris and blouses--so cool to wear and no worry about wrinkles.

It may just be locally that I couldn't find it and maybe where you live there is lots--that's the way the cookie crumbles

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Donna, when I saw your thread title, my first thought was "weavers cloth", LOL! I used to make skirts out of it way back when. I loved the texture and hand after several washings. Then somewhere along the way it disappeared and the only one I could find was called "weaver's K", whatever that means...and there were fewer color choices.
OP, I haven't checked out JoAnn's lately, but will do so.
Another one that comes to mind is sweater knits. They were abundant in the 70's(I'm showing my age), but I never see them anymore. I'm sure there is more, but those popped into my(old)head first.

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No oilpainter we don't have seersucker either,and i'm also in S.Calif.Also can't find weavers cloth,or any nice t-shirt knits,including prints for both kids and adults.
Like Donna all we have is Joanns as well,and yardage town in another town not too awfully far away,but there's nothing else to go to that town for.

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I haven't seen weaver's cloth myself in years and I miss it. I used to make kids clothes and curtains with it. Fabric choice has really gone downhill since all the fabrics have come from China. And that happened after Joann's drove all the other fabric stores out of our area by offering good fabrics and then when the others were driven out or bought out, Joann's went to crap fabric and only about half the store was for apparel sewing. Thank heavens i still have some of those good fabrics left in my stash.

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I am an avid garment sewer, and I disagree that JoAnn has only junk. In my store in the metro Milwaukee area the selection is wide and very good quality. I prefer to sew natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and wool, rarely use synthetics except rayon.

I'm 62 and I don't know what weaver's cloth is-I'll look it up online. I just bought a beautiful piece of loose-knit sweater knit at Hancock Fabrics in pink for one of my kids.

Sorry you are being deprived.

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I used to live in LA and had a few favorite places to find fabrics. Unfortuately, one Mom-and-Pop store closed but I remember that F & S Fabrics in West Los Angeles was a good place to find fabrics. They are located on Pico Boulevard close to the Westside Pavilon and the freeway.

If you ever head up north Britex in San Francisco has a nice assortment of fabrics although they are a bit pricey. They also do mail orders. The 2nd or 3rd floor has the BEST selection of laces, trims, ribbons and buttons.

F&S Fabrics selection of old buttons is also worth the drive.

I wish I could offer more help but the pickins' are slim these days!

Susan @

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By SoCal ... like kathy, I'm in the San Diego area. We used to have Yardage City, as well as Yardage Town and what was then House of Fabrics. If you traveled over to Oceanside (30 miles from me), there was a Hancock Fabrics. YC and Hancock no longer exist. YT is about 10 miles from me and does carry some things - they were the only ones to have the fabric I needed to make a shawl for the matron of honor at my daughter's wedding last year. (The MOH did not care for the sleeveless dress.)

I looked at Joann's selection of weaver's cloth on line - poor color choices, IMHO. As with other fabrics online, I find it hard to "give them a hand" - I like to feel fabric before purchase! With weaver's cloth, I know what it's supposed to feel like.


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So Fro went out of business by continuing to offer garment fabrics when other vendors switched to crafts and home dec - can't really blame Joann's for that.

Joann's in our area offers junk fabric, toys, lawn ornaments, Pez dispensers, the ever-growing Wall O'Fleece, and cds that are promoted by annoying, constant, repetitive 30 second snippets of each album in succession, with no break. There are at any given time perhaps a dozen bolts of natural fabric in the store. No, I'm not exaggerating. I suppose though, if they don't sell it when it comes in, there is no point stocking it in our location.

From the looks of the store, they do sell a lot of fleece and Pez dispensers.

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I live in the middle of CA and we still have Hancock Fabrics, they're one of my favorite stores and they also offer a lot on line. My understanding is you can even request samples online. I have found (and let laps) several mail-order fabric clubs that send you samples each month of the newest fabrics they offer. You might try looking for Weaver's cloth at local home decorator's fabric stores or quilters fabrics stores. They may have connections for something other then their specialty, like our local quilter's store does.

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How far are you from San Fran? On vacation, I found Britex fabrics and loved it. They are also online. Have you tried G Street Fabric also online in Washington DC? I agree most JoAnn's have let the quality slip except for when they are near a large city. In Columbus, Ohio, I can sell buy ok wool fabric for most things. Best wishes.

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