Apartment in 1914 Gothic Revival Bldg

cawapsJuly 22, 2014

I've been enjoying the various real estate posts by Palimpsest and others. This one is on the market in my neck of the woods--Oakland, CA--and is...unique.

1914 Gothic Revival

It's in the pointy top of a downtown gothic revival flatiron building and the interior spaces are a mix of light-filled contemporary and windowless raw concrete.

I don't know when this might have been converted to residential space, or if it was originally (I doubt it).

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That is fantastic! I know it's not NYC, but I have always wanted to live there as I love big cities and beautiful buildings like that. Sigh

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I would love to live in that condo! I'd spend every evening on the roof terrace. Thanks for sharing.

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I like this apartment.

I am usually not a fan of shaped drywall but this is done very well. It looks like to me that there are louver-covered windows (?) in the concrete bunker-penthouse.

It's interesting because there is a Beaux-Arts bldg. in Phila that is raw concrete inside (it always was, the upper stories were always warehouse for the first floor). It seems unexpected and modern, but it's original, like this.

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Really nice. The view is amazing. A view of the Golden Gate has to be one of the most desirable anywhere!

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The crime rate is just too high for me.

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No parking?

Are the raw concrete spaces at the very tip-top?

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I always like to see how churches are, um, converted. The link shows unit 6, but unit 8 at the same address is also listed on zillow. Both are under agreement now. Watertown is a close suburb of Boston/Cambridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: unit 6

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Are the HOA fees the condo fees? They seem really low.

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bpathome, I think there are raw concrete spaces above and below the finished space. Picture 2, with the concrete, shows stairs going up. Picture 11 is so narrow and pointy that I think it must be the very top level.

I think you might be right, Pal, about the louvered windows. I think I took them for vents, but they don't make sense as that. But with those views, why would you have the blinds closed for your RE listing photo?

I found a bit more info on the building. Floors 7 to 14 have been converted to condos. The rest, I gather, is commercial space (as was the whole building historically. I found an old listing for another unit in the building that listed the HOA fees at $450, so that seems to be accurate. There's a (kinda bad) video of the building on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wP53BII6u8 that shows some of the Gothic revival details of the common areas, but the focus is mostly on commercial space.

I'm pretty sure there's no garage in the building, but if you can afford the $1.5M price tag, you can afford monthly parking across the street. Parking isn't particularly scarce in Oakland. The access to public transportation is great with BART 1.5 blocks away (12 minute ride to downtown San Francisco).

I'd live there, if I had $1.5M to throw around.

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