DeLuxe Precision Sewing Machine question

donnas_gwAugust 11, 2013

I have a Modern Age Super DeLuxe Precision Sewing Machine. It was given to me after my mother-in-law passed away several years ago. The belt was badly cracked, and when i took it off, it broke. I found a belt by Dritz (903) that has both the motor and bobbin belt, which this machine uses. I've put both on and when I turn the wheel by hand, it seems to be ok. However, when I try and sew using the lever with my knee, the little round metal thingy that the belt hooks onto in the back beside the motor spins, but the belt itself doesn't move. I've made sure that the bobbin is not pressed to the end of the spindle (that the bobbin winder is not engaged). I am guessing that I do not have the correct belts. Does anyone else have a suggestion? Here is a picture.

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There should be adjustment on back to move the motor until enough tension is on belt..that may be your problem. Have you ck'd that? There should be a slot that the motor can be moved forward or backward---usually a small bolt, wingnut, or screw holds it all tightly in place. You may have to experiment.

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I found the screw and loosened that. Seemed the motor moved sideways instead of back and forth. Will have to check that again, but the motor looked like it was already up against the back of the machine. I loosened the "stop motion knob" or clutch, to try and wind a bobbin...thought it would take forever, and I didn't bother to finish winding it. I did notice that while the clutch was disengaged to wind the bobbin, the belt moved freely!! Why the belt won't move when the clutch is tightened I have no idea!!

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Perhaps you have replaced with a belt that is just a bit too large (length). Everything seems to be moving fine except the belt is not turning--so it must be slipping? Meaning it is too large? You said "motor up against back of machine"..can you move it away from the back a bit? Your belt must be tight to turn the wheel. From the pix, it looks like the belt should be a ''V'' belt. My best guess is that you have a belt that is too long. The correct length should cause you to have to loosen the motor to get it on, and then force the motor back to it's bracket position to tighten the belt again. If you could only see..LOL...I'm showing you with my hands!!

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Loosen the bolt/screw that holds the motor bracket to the machine, and slide it down a bit to tighten the belt, and then tighten the bolt/screwback down.

That would be the screw that is directly below the handwheel.

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mmack66, I have tried doing that several times and it doesn't help. I've tried just sliding it half way down to sliding it down all the way and then tightening that screw. I have the old belt and it has so many cracks in it (it also broke when I removed it). The machine did work when I had the old belt on, so I am thinking it is not the correct size. The old belt appears to be larger around than the new one I bought.I don't know if it is because of the age of this old belt or not. When I tried to wind a bobbin, I had to press down on the metal thing that rests on the bobbin while it is threading (don't know what it is called). My husband said his mother hadn't used the machine in over 25 years, so I know it needs a good oiling/cleaning.

I have been sewing for over 40 years, but I have never used one of these older vintage machines. The machine only sews a straight stitch, no zigzag stitch, so I can't make button holes with it :(

Anyway, I have looked in Walmart and in one local sewing machine/fabric store and this Dritz 903 motor and bobbin belt was the only one either store carried.

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