My front door is pulling apart!

sharon620December 27, 2009

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays!

My front door on my house is pulling apart like I said. It is one of those Stanley steel or whatever hollow doors. It has is making a horrible noise when opening and closing it and is causing the top of the door to pull apart from the rest of the door. I guess there is a final layer on top of the door itself.

We have made sure the door is on correctly (always has been) And for the life of us we cannot find anything in the way. We live in a very cold area so right now it would be almost impossible to put some kind of glue on it. It would never dry correctly.

Thank you for your help!

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These doors are usually a steel skin bonded to a wood and/or foam substrate. Chances are that the bond has failed.

Now, there's a chance moisture has entered the frame due to failed or improper flashing. The swelled or moved frame may have intruded upon the gap between door and frame...the consequence being that door caught on the frame and pulled the skin away from the door.

The best practice, IMHO, would be to purchase a pre-hung can pick up one for less than $150.

They are quite easy to install, and doing so gives you the opportunity to ensure the opening is flashed correctly. If you do, insulate well the area between the rough opening and the door frame with non-expanding foam. The cans are marked for doors and windows.

Of course, the foregoing is posited upon the foundation is the area not having shifted and being the cause of the opening coming awry!


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