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vegasneonDecember 3, 2008

Our front door has an old wrought iron security gate in front of it. The gates lock is about the size of a half dollar. Its one that you have to use a key in, no matter if you are on the inside or outside. If we lock it from the inside (standing in the house) it is secure and wont pop open. If we lock it from the outside when we leave the house you cant just turn the key you have to turn it the wrong way all the way and then the right way and if you press on the gate the lock pops open.

Any ideas why it locks from one side but pops open from the other?



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When was the last time you lubricated the mechanism? Try shooting a silicone spray into the locks on both sides and then do both the latches. These doors usually have a spring latch and a keyed deadbolt. There should be a toggle where the spring latch part of the door is that allows you to lock the door without the key. It only controls the spring latch.
If this doesn't solve the problem, the strike might need to be adjusted closer to the door.
When the door pops open, is it when the spring latch is engaged or the keyed deadbolt?

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I also have an old security door and the hole for the lock is 1 5/8"
home depot and lowes only sell standard locks. It is hard for me
to find this lock with a indoor and outdoor key system. Do u know where
I could find one any websites I could look. I found
one website but it was $80.00 which seemed expensive.

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"Try shooting a silicone spray into the locks on both sides and then do both the latches. "

Only if you want to gum it up even more.

The spray is NOT pure silicone, but contains carrier chemicals that can attract debris (like simple dust) and jamb up a lock mechanism.

Powdered graphite is the lubricant for locks.

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