Ultrasound pictures

TracyNovember 16, 2001

Hi everyone. I have a question about my ultrasound pictures. I want to keep them in my scrapbook, but I know that they will fade in a few years. Do you think it would be ok to just photocopy them onto acid free paper, or would I have to scan them in and then print them off??? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks

Oh and I also printed off a lot of my baby pictures onto photo paper. Should I do something to them to ensure the picture quality?? I heard that there is some sort of spray to use, what is that??? Thanks

Tracy :o)

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My mother gave me the ultrasound pictures from before I was born, that was 22 years ago and they're still fine. They haven't faded a bit. But I do remember seeing some spray that you can use to protect them.

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I think each lab prints ultrasound photos differently. We have ultrasounds of my youngest brother and sister from '79 and '81 that are polaroids. I've seen some more recent ultrasounds that are printed on strips of paper. I had an ultrasound performed about 3 weeks ago and the lab gave me something that looks like a photo negative. We ran the video on the tv and took pictures of the tv so we'd have a real photo.

If you have the option of scanning in the picture and getting it developed as a regular photo, I'd go with that.

I'm not sure how to protect your childhood photos. You may want to post that as a seperate question.

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Thanks for the suggestions... I did scan it my ultrasound and it is now on photo paper, it actually looks better!


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