Armorlite Roofing vs other polymer roofs

deeageauxDecember 24, 2010

I tried bumping up two older threads.

Wouldn't take so stated new one.

Need to replace roof on 30 year old home in the Los Angeles area.

Would there be a better option than armorlite or a better bang for your buck with a company that sells something similar?

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What kind of roof?


Slope? How much?

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It looks something like this.....

Don't know much about roofs so can't really specify details.

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Just replace the shingles.

Higher grade shingles are thicker with a better gravel layer and last longer.

If you have any actual leaks the old roof should be removed to check the condition of the roof deck and repairs made as needed.

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I will not be using shingles.

I do have a leak,so good opportunity to upgrade.

I hate the way shingles look plus they absorb heat like a SOB.

I want a roof that reflects heat and looks like the roof in the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look I Want

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