Animal in house

whip1 Zone 5 NE OhioDecember 24, 2007

I have some sort of animal in the walls of my house. Sitting on the couch about 12 feet away from the wall, I can hear a chewing/scratching noise. Besides tearing my walls apart, how do I find out what it is? How do I find out how it got here? How do I get rid of it? I checked the attic, and I see no signs of an animal. No feces, nothing is torn up, no foot prints, etc. PLease help!

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Sounds like a mouse to me. If you live in the country, field mice are looking for a warm place this time of year. I'd look around outside for an entry place - dryer vent, around water hydrants, etc. I had them coming in around the air conditioner freon lines.

Mouse traps or call an exterminator.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I don't live in the country, but it's not city either. Can a mouse make enough noise to be heard from about 12 feet away? If he's in the walls, where do i put the traps?

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Yes u will hear it. Put traps or glue boards along walls and near corners. If there is a way to get some bait behind the wall try to throw it there - maybe from a drop ceiling???

Oh yeah........There is never just one mouse.

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Well I've had only one mouse before for about 6 months or so.
But you can't count on that. Personally I never heard "it" in the walls.
Just out of curiousity, do you have a lot of squirrels in the neighborhood?
Either way, you need to do a thorough check for entry points, the block any with something metal. I had one that was underneath the siding, where the siding and cement block met and finished behind the stove in the kitchen.

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It could very well be a squirrel. A few years ago I had a squirrel or two setting up shop in my attic, and it sounded like they were chewing the rafters apart. I patched the hole they were getting into (as well as the hole my cats were getting into) and that fixed it up for good.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I've set up some mouse traps, and I'm hoping that's what it is.
Would squirrels make noise at night? That's really the only time I hear it.
Thanks for all of the help. Continue to post ideas.

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The squirrels in my attic were making a lot of noise at night. I remember them waking me up. It drove me crazy.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I just checked the traps, and i caught a mouse. Thanks for the help, and I'll continue to update you guys!

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I have some sort of creature that we hear generally at 3:00a.m. Although we have heard it as early as 9:00a.m. We can't exactly place the exact location - it appears that's its between the walls. The noise is loud enough to WAKE up our household at 3:00a.m. There is no evidence of it anywhere - we have a dog, she's a ratter and she's not picking up on it either. We are perplexed by this. Exterminators won't come out as we can't pinpoint the exact location. We don't know where to put a trap if we were to believe that it was a mouse - however, I've heard mice before this sounds larger. HELP. I hope I don't have to wait for the creature to present itself before anything can be done about it.

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chewey: Mice can make a lot more noise than you'd expect given their size, so that might be the source of yours, even though it's pretty hard to imagine it being loud enough to wake everyone up. Setting traps in the cellar in the general area below where you hear the noise is worth a try.

The other likely possibility, I'm sorry to say, is red squirrels. The red squirrel population tends to fluctuate considerably from year to year so I'd check with neighbors to see if they have been in evidence nearby. They will persistently enter houses for the winter and happily scamper around inside the walls. Usually, but not always, you can hear them chattering - sounds very much like giant chickadees. They leave each day to search for food outside, so early morning noises would be the general rule. They are very hard to get rid of, so I'd look for another exterminator or animal rescue service. If there are no such services available, your only recourse may be a pellet gun, a steady hand and patience. Red squirrels are very destructive pests and a pair can produce a lot of offspring by March or April.

Gray squirrels usually do not enter houses, but will take advantage of opening in the attic, especially if there are tree branches overhanging the house.

Good luck.

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I use one of these.

Then I take the critter out to a park where there are garbage cans for a food source, put out some dry cat food to give it a new start. Nutty, I know.
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Mice can certainly make a lot of noise. Rats too.

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I had a bird between walls once. The poor thing got stuck between the walls and died trying to get out. If you stop hearing noise, there's a chance it's dead behind your wall. I'd mark a place where you hear it, just in case you need to remove it.

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Well, this post is a month after you were having trouble- BUT- I think I am the queen of 'varmits' between the drywall!! I live very rural- there is everything from rattlesnakes to mice to bats to mountain lion. (no squirrels because they would be eaten by the great horned owls, smaller owls, hawks bald and golden eagles).
Mice can make ALOT of noise- the scratching they makes can drive you nuts. DON't put poison out- if your dog either gets into it or hunts/eats an animal that has eaten poison it could itself become poisoned. AND- a dead animal as small as a mouse stinks to high H*ll when it is dead/decaying between walls. It sounds more like a mouse- too bad you dog has had its hunting instincts outbred... Where there is one mouse heard there are 100 more...
I have found out that bats love to get into my garage, then go between the rafters that seperate the 1st/2nd floor- they get all the way to the very back of the house between the exterior wall and the interior drywall. When they get stuck or fighting for 'territory', you can hear their wings beating in the walls. Same goes for a snake that catches something - the 'something' fights for a minute before becoming 'lunch'. They key is to have every little space tightly pluuged up.- Between the garage and house is an easy access.... Hope ya 'get em'.

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A mouse can make a LOT of noise! I had one that I swore was a raccoon, only to catch it and verify that it was a mouse. Set mouse traps, not poison. If you poison it, it may die in your walls and stink until it dries up into a crispy critter.

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