I'm dreaming of .... Kitchen Sinks! :)

CEFreemanMay 14, 2014

Hi all!
I'm starting a new dream. i.e. "Plan."

I love my Kohler 'Hawthorne' in their now-discontinued Roussillon red. I love it so much I have a 2nd one in my barn. (OK, long story, but I do.)

However. The bowls aren't big enough to put a pasta or soup pot in. They're barely wide enough to put a cookie sheet into. The dimensions are 33" x18" x 8.75" for a point of reference. However, no bueno. Needless to say, with a new countertop I can make changes. I have a 36" sink base.

So... dreaming of my future soapstone countertops, along with my counter height window, I need to find a deeper, wider sink. My beloved Cifial 'Brunswick' faucet I'd like to keep, which is antique brass.

I am spending hours online looking at sink pictures (omg there are so many just alike) but I thought I'd ask recommendations here.

I'd like
a double bowl.
An apron/farm sink would be fine, but I'm over that and don't care either way.
Rounded interior bowls, because corners get gross.
Off-set drains are cool, but not a deal breaker.
Can't think of any other details that matter.

Anybody got any thoughts on this? Should I just go for the gold and have them build me a soapstone sink, too? (Hmmm rounded sink bowls?)
Thanks you helpful souls!

I can't tell you how many times I just typed "bowels."

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Today's houzz email had lots of info on choosing sinks. One of the replies dealt with a soapstone sink and how much they loved it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing sinks

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Ohhhhhhh BAh-BY!
I'm there. Thanks.

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i have the blanco diamond 1 1/2 bowl. i absolutely love it!
i had one big ss in my old counter and was torn between 1 large bowl or a double bowl so this was the perfect compromise. the large bowl is big enough to soak a 9x13 or a cookie sheet and i keep all the silverware in the small bowl so i can hand wash it (my dishwasher sucks at silverware) the undermount requirement was 36" . my sink base is 33" and it was supposed to be top mounted but that is another story:)

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Hey! I like that idea. I'd never considered it before, but what you're doing with it makes perfect sense.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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I have a SS low divide - equal sides. It works well for me. One side for washing the other for drying. I only use the DW when I have the fam over as it's only me. Each bowel (haha) is 16x14. I have it in a 33 base.

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I thought your sink was raspberry and was going to be so beautiful with your soapstone. And you have two! Well, I hear you on the too small bowl. I am putting in an Elkay Lustertone single bowl with my soapstone. Very utilitarian. So I am no help. Can't wait to see what you select!

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I wish I had a BARN...forget the sink! Love to look at pictures of barns on Pinterest. CEF, ya gotta post a pic of that red sink in your barn, please please!!!!!

In my dreams I would have the Kohler Stages or the custom ones by Mick diGiulio. Instead I have a large and cheap one off eBay that is functional and looks pretty good for $499.

Post some sink porn.....

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honu3421, ironically, I have a dusty raspberry, antique settee from my mother. Don't know what to do with that, because I can't afford to recover it! Sink, though, is a soft red.

firsthouse_mp, My barn is beautiful. Just had it painted barn red (which is a hilarious story of a color blind painter) a while ago. It had been a sacrilegious blue. On a BARN! huh?

The sink in the barn is still in the box, so the picture would be terribly boring. I'll post you my current sink here, then a separate barn pic. My web host isn't up, so 2 posts!

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And my lovely red barn when I was having it rebuilt a couple of years ago. This is the first coat by the painter, in electric, florescent red.

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I absolutely LOVE that barn! In my dreams I would live with a pond and a barn and my animals--tromping around with my chickens and ducks following me. I love a red barn. I could live in a red barn. Must post pics of the red sink when it's installed (and tell the story of the color blind painter!).

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Hi CEFreeman - what a great barn - now it just needs the Red Wings roof - LOL - there is a barn in the area that has the Wings logo on the roof - no guessing who they support.
Unfortunately, I live in the city, so no barn. Your sinks would look great with Soapstone!

I have the Blanco Cascade sink. It works for most items except the really large round Advantium trays won't lay flat - but I just pop them in the DW.

It takes a bit of pre-planning with only one drain but I have gotten pretty good and our city will now accept table scraps and is providing a bin for it - I still need to pick up our bin. I am sure it will go under the sink and not on the counter - it is definitely not the correct color scheme for A2 (green and white! in a maize and blue town)
Maybe Blanco will come up with some cool colors downstream

I do have the sink grid and basket but don't keep them in the sink except when needed - grunge factor!!

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