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lilafterDecember 12, 2007

i want to install a roof hatch on my flat roof which needs repair or replacing, but everytime i've asked for estimates with reroofing- their quote for the hatch installation is at least $750! or other roofers say they don't install them.

i'm wondering why its so high, am i missing something about hatch installation? i thought is involves cutting a hole, sistering roof joists/rafters and installing per manufacture instructions and proper flashing. am i insane to consider hiring a handyman to install before foaming or reroofing?

i figure the best time to install a hatch is during a major repair- ie foam roof or complete reroof.

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Not a roofer, but I'd imagine that there's some amount of liability coverage built into something like that. If you've asked several roofers and this is the market rate, then there must be some reason for it. It does sound like a job for a competent roofer, and not just any handyman.

Out of curiosity, how much did you hope it would cost?

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To install a hatch in a flat roof requires a completely water tight curb, to a height to ensure that even wet snow will not allow leakage.
They are relatively trouble prone things.

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i live in los angeles, where it doesn't rain a whole lot and doesn't snow.

basically want roof access to keep the gutters cleared and enjoy the views once in awhile without the liability of falling off a 2 story ladder.

i had hoped cost to install wouldn't be more than $200-300 labor plus materials especially if its bundled with a whole new roof or foam installation.

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Okay, so no snow but definitely the occasional torrential rain. I think you're kidding yourself about the labor costs. I live in the midwest where the cost of living is much lower, and I doubt you could get anyone to do it for so little here. It also occurs to me that if you do find a handyman willing to take a crack at it and the roofer that follows him doesn't think the handyman did a good job, you may find yourself paying to have it redone. I'd suck it up and pay to have it done right.

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A pre-fab roof hatch from Bilco or any other company is likely going to cost $350. The rest is labor. Probably not a bad price considering the labor & expertise involved to install it & patch the roof. If reframing is involved it is definately not a bad price.
Guess who gets called back if it leaks.

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the quote of $750 covers only labor...which is why i thought the price was high. the hatch is separate additional charge.


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I think this is a fair price. You will probably be paying for 2 trademan due to the difficulty of the roof hatch being handled by 1 person. Worth checking their references and past work!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Roof Hatch

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