Need help with Tile for my black and white kitchen

libuvaMay 22, 2013

I'm trying very hard to find a good tile to go with my kitchen. I wanted to get rid of the vinyl floor and put down some decent tile without turning the whole thing into an eye sore. Also to not break my wallet in the process.

Can you please help with what would you do?
I was thinking of getting a 20 x 20 Emser Taverna Crema (or even the grigio) tile and add black porcelain diamond shaped inserts sparingly. Some say diamond inserts are out of fashion. So confused.
Do you have any photos for ideas?

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I kind of like your vinyl floor. Why not play keep it if it's good shape and play up the whole retro theme. Replace the stools with those ribbed chrome ones and upholster with red vinyl, and paint your chairs shiny black with a fun black red, and white large scale floral print from the 80's on the seats. You can also replace the chairs with molded plastic ones from that era. IKEA has some that aren't expensive, and add a print seat cushion.

You can add matching or coordinating curtain panels on either side of your window to also add color and pattern. I would replace the dining table with a glass top over a polished chrome base. If you have the storage room, you can replace the doors on the cabinets on each side of the range with glass doors and have brightly colored dinnerware there. Just have the doors you have routed.

You have so many retro elements already I would add more and make it like you mean it, and go with a fun look.

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You could also do black and white or black and grey checkerboard.

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If you did not want to go the retro route, Emser has some nice grey toned 12x36 through body planks that look quite nice when laid in a brick pattern. It provides some visual interest and is considered a very updated look.

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