Craftsman Garage Door Opener

rjd59November 21, 2009

I recently bought a home with Craftsman Chain drive 1/2hp GDO on the garage doors. Not sure of the age of the openers, but they do NOT have the terminals for the IR Sensors. Yesterday as the door was closing it bound just as it was near the closed position. I disconnected the door opener and tried to isolate the binding problem, but the door seems to work fine, with no binding or apparent problems, opens and closes smoothly each time. The door opener now seems to only want to try to close the door it will not open the door at all. I disconnected the opener and operated it thinking it needed to cycle to get back to it's default closed position but still no use. It sounds as if it is under a load even with the door disconnected. I am thinking that the opener is stuck in the closing cycle and for whatever reason is not able to reset or reverse. Any suggestions or should I just spend the money and replace the opener?

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Don't know but the Garage/Workshop forum has dozens of posts on Craftman garage door openers & they even have a couple of guys that repair them for a living come on & tell you what to do.(Thought I was going to get help organizing my garage LOL) If my Craftman door needs help, that's the place to go. it's about 28 yrs old so probably will outlast me!!

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I figured it out. The Nylon gears where stripped out. Thanks

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