Craftsman garage door opener 1/2 HP

dave_k_1565November 8, 2009

My garage door opener quit working.

(1) Both lights on the sensors are not lit.

(2) When the wall mounted door opener is pressed, the door goes down a few feet and the light blinks several times.

(3) Is there a significance to the number of blinks when the unit is malfunctioning.

(4) Does anyone have a PDF version of the owners manual for a standard 1/2 HP Craftsman Garage Door opener (Square looking model)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like your door sensors are either misaligned or have quit. Make sure they are pointed at one another and the small light on each one is lit and not flickering. If you can't get the light to come on by tweaking them a bit then they are bad. The main light will blink 10 times and the door will reverse to the open position when there is a door sensor problem.

You can get the model number off the opener. It's on the opposite end of where all those white wires go. It starts with 139. and you can use it at Sears parts to download an owners manual to PDF. You have to hunt a little bit to find it.

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