Pest Proofing?

jaxoNovember 14, 2010

I saw some kind of bug crawling inside a bathroom ceiling light fixture, so I assume it crawled in through the attic to the ceiling to the light fixture and then into the rest of the house.

I decided to look all around and I also noticed light leaking through the corners of the exit doors despite weatherstripping.

They may also be coming in under sliding glass doors, cable and telephone jacks, light switches, electric outlets, through gaps around plumbing and gas lines, from under baseboards and so on.

I call a pest service periodically, but pesticide spraying will never end if the living space is full of pathways to the outside.

I think all of these openings can be sealed tight with various sealants and caulks.

I can't think of a way to seal the built-in glass door in front of the natural gas fireplace that will be safe and handle the heat.

Has anyone successfully sealed out insects with pest proofing methods?

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You can try to caulk, etc., but it won't eliminate them, although it may reduce their numbers.

I don't particularly like bugs either, but having someone come into my house to spray pesticides periodically would trouble me a lot more than living with some bugs. When you regularly spray inside, you significantly increase your long term exposure to the potentially serious side effects of these toxic chemicals. I don't care what the pesticide applicator says about safety or that the chemicals are approved for use by doesn't mean these products are benign.

I spent most of my career involved with pesticides and other toxic compounds. I'm not a tree-hugging environmentalist, but I've learned enough to avoid any unnecessary exposure. I've seen cases where people were sickened by pesticides inside their houses, or had rashes or allergic reactions; and I know of one couple that died from a high level of spray done by an incompetent applicator. The long term effects, like cancer, are arguable, but the risks aren't zero. My personal belief is that there are enough risks in life without adding avoidable ones to the list.

Hope I'm not coming across as lecturing...I'm just trying to suggest that total bug control has some risks that you may want to consider.

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