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spage1November 18, 2004

My daughter is big into scrapbooking and I have recently started. Just wondering if you would share with me your favorite things related to scrapbooking. I do not take my hobby out of the home but she does. I want to give her for Christmas a rolling cart/supplies so she will have everything handy to use and transport. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Craft stores like Michael's and JoAnn Etc have some of these items. I personally prefer the scrapbooking "luggage" that Creative Memories sells. It is very sturdy and holds a ton of stuff. They have several different pieces. It is a little pricy, but it is very well built and will last a long time. I have taken mine to 3 weekend scraps and to friends houses and never had a problem.

I hope this helps. Have fun scrapin.

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I have the Crop in Style XXL tote. My sister in law has the Creative Memories one; same size as mine. I like mine better because the outsides have zipper compartments with small individual compartments within and her's has just a big pouch. I like being able to use the seperate compartments for pens, adhesives, glue, etc.

I do use other CM (Creative Memories) totes though. I love their small case (can't remember the name but its pretty small and zips up both sides). I have 3 of them and they're great!! CM also has a great cutting system that I think is above any other you can buy. It's a little pricey but well worth it. And their albums are really nice too. Anything CM makes is nice, high quality though.

Cropper Hopper makes some nice paper organizers. I think they have a website. I have several of them.

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