Get your shingles vaccination!

marti8aSeptember 10, 2011

I didn't, and the stress of the summer finally got to me. I have shingles on my face, from lips to eye. Not fun.

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Oh Marti, I am so sorry!
Once you get them, you cannot take the vaccine.

So yes indeed, PLEASE GET THE SHOT. They will only give it to people older than 60 when I last inquired.

But they will now give it at Walgreens, CVS, and probably other places that give the flu shots too.

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Marti, just wondering how are you doing?
Are the blisters gone yet?
Honey, you need your own Teahouse.

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Much better. I look like I've been shot in the face with a shotgun, and there is still some numbness in my lip, a little zigging pain from time to time, teeth on that side of my face hurt to chew, and loss of hearing in ear on that side. But I hope it will all be ok when the nerves get back to normal.

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The days that you two were having this conversation, I was coming down with shingles, too! The head pain started on Sunday the 18th, on Tuesday the 20th, I went to the doc. She thought it was a migraine and a sinus infection, and sent me home with those meds. On Thursday, I broke out in the blisters all over my eyelid, eyebrow, and forehead. In my hair at the temple, too. And in my eye. They hospitalized me for five days when I got so sick to my stomach that I could not keep the antiviral med down. They were really wrried about my eyesight. But after about a month, I was seeing the same as before the shingles. I have a droopy eyelid, though.

Marti, did you get all of your hearing back?

The thing is,,,,, neither Marti nor I are over 60, so we never were offered the vaccine yet!

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Nancy, my internist said that after a year of being shingles-free, I can get the vaccine. It's not like anything new was introduced into my system when I got shingles.

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Hi Marti,
My Infectious Disease doc I saw in the hospital told me to get mine in six months. But I have a low white count, and I think he is trying to head off another episode of shingles.

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I'll ask my dr. Yesterday it felt like someone put a branding iron against my face, and I stopped what I was doing and did some deep breathing and tried to think calm thoughts. It took a long time to go away and I was trying not to worry that it was coming back.

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