Craftsman Garage Door Remotes Working Intermittently

ckrupinNovember 16, 2009

Since our power went out the other day our garage door openers aren't working all of the time. I followed the instructions on the unit to reset them and they worked for about 20 minutes. Then they both stopped working until I hit the wall opener. The wall opener works and the remotes seem to work temporarily after I've hit the wall button, but after a while they stop working again. Any ideas?

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A couple things I would try. Disconnect the wall control and see if that makes a difference. You can eliminate the control and the attached wiring at the same time by removing the connection to terminal #1 on the back of the motor unit. Wall controls do go bad and the wiring is sometimes shorted by staples used in installation.

If this doesn't make a difference I would pull the logic board and check for loose connections on the printed circuit. This board is a target of power surges and electrical storms.

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