Rough Attic Space Finish

TheCatsMeowthNovember 4, 2013

I have two connected walk in attic spaces (essentially large walk in closets) that I'd like to make into a litter box area. My main requirement is safety as I don't want the cats to be able to get into the insulation. I won't need any wiring, plumbing or heating/air in these areas. Is it as simple as just putting up a few walls to cover the insulation or are there other concerns I need to be aware about?

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Not sure what your question is?

Safety for the cats? If that's your worry then you'd need to block off any area you think they might trap themselves in. Otherwise you can do nothing and rely on their basic instincts of not getting caught in a confined space.

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My question isn't about safety for the cats, but if simply walling up the space would have any negative effects as far as the house goes. Do I need to add insulation behind the walls I put up? For the knee level walls, should there be anything put behind them? Do I need to be concerned about blocking anything that would effect the air/heating of the house?

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