Repair/Repoint 130 y.o. brick or drywall?

amh2949November 15, 2010

I have several areas in my home with exposed brick. The brick and mortar appear to be original to the 1880, row home. We want to try to preserve as much of the historic character of the house, but I know this is bigger than a DIY job since I know that the mortar needs to be matched for composition etc. The bricks themselves are badly deteriorated, so I am not sure if repointing is an option. Regardless something MUST be done, the wall is literally falling apart. Should I pay to have it repaired? If so does anyone know about how much it would cost? Should I look into brick veneer like "BrickIt", or should I just cover it with sheetrock/drywall?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


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It's not clear from your post if the brick is entirely inside or a part of the exterior brick wall. In any case, just covering it up with sheetrock or anything else is likely to accelerate the deterioration. I would definitely consult a company or two or three that specializes in masonry restoration to see what they say. This is not a DIY project and is likely to be expensive, but if the brick is a part of the house's structural support system you really don't have many options.

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