Flat Roof Coating

splaisNovember 12, 2011

I have a 10 year old house I bought 4 years ago. The year I bought it I had the roof coated with some aluminum looking stuff. It's a basic spanish style house that has two flat roof sections. The roof needs recoating. A couple of questions.

Would it be a good idea to power wash the roof before coating it. And second, what is the best coating for the money for me to use. This is going to be a DIY project.

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I wouldn't pressure wash it if it's a mineral surfaced, (rool roofing) covering but rather take a garden hose with a pressure nozzle along with a roofers stiff broom and scrub/rinse away any areas where dirt is stuck, let dry, and coat twice with an elasomeric roof coating. Make sure before coating that you have all loose debris picked up, mastic around any protrusions such as vents if needed, and tighten up any nailed areas if loose. You also want it to be at least 50 degrees for 24 hours cure time on most coatings and of course the warmer it is, the easier it is to work the product.

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