plastic molding around steel door windows

colocowboyNovember 9, 2008

I have 2 steel doors with windows in them . The plastic trim/molding that holds the windows in is cracked. Can anyone tell me who sells the replacement plastic trim for metal door windows. Both doors are Stanleys i believe. thanks

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Contact the manufacturer. If you cant find a model # for the doors and explaining in detail doesn't cut it, send a picture to them and go from there.

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You may have trouble contacting the manufacturer. If they are Stanley doors, odds are they weren't made by Stanley (the tool & tape measure co) as we know it. As an example - Stanley Windows are not and never were made by Stanley Tools. The name was bought by some sort of licensing agreement by Silverline and used as a marketing gimmick because of the familiarity of the name. Unless you know where the doors came thru (lumberyard etc) it could be tough to know who assembled the doors.

We are a distributor and our doors are made by a small outfit using the Masonite program. Really "all" they do is bring in the door blanks and hang them into various jamb depth frames and cut/insert different glass lites etc. As you can imagine they don't "make" those plastic IG frames you are looking for, and neither does the company that hung your doors - but they bring them in by the truckload. I have had occassion to use them as replacements in the past but can't for the life of me remember what they cost.

Are yours the type where there is an identical piece on the other side of the door with visible screw holes (or capped holes)going around the perimeter?

Is there grid pattern, like a 9lite, or just glass?

What is the outside width and height dimension of the part?

I'd be happy to see if it's an exact match, it probably is. I can't imagine they cost too much to ship, they don't weigh much.

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I have the exact problem as the previous posting in that the molding around the glass in my door is cracked and pulling away from the glass. I don't want to replace the whole glass because nothing is wrong with it, only the outside molding. Can you help???

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have 2 3-lites side by side on my door which also has cracked plastic molding. They measure 37 3/4 Tall x 9 7/8 wide. Any chance of you having anything close to this size? Thanks,


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