My new guest bedroom bedding

LiddybuffAugust 29, 2013

I have finally finished a very large project that I took on. I wasn't even planning to do this until the opportunity of a great buy found me. I frequent my local thrift stores and recently found a very large amount of brocade fabric with 2 coordinating prints. I could not resist it. I must let you know that EVERYTHING that it took to make all this came from the thrift store. I made a lined, corded bedspread for a full-sized bed, 2 pillow shams, 2 smaller decorative throw pillows, 1 bead embellished throw pillow, and 1 pillow with a decorative stitching on it. After that I covered an old foot stool and made a nice cushion for it. Get this........I still have fabric left....and get only cost me $5.00!!! Love it love it.

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This is my new footstool cover. The color was perfect for my little red chair.

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You got a great buy and also did a very good job making all of that.I love shopping at thrift stores.

Back in the 60's when my kids were little my bff and I would go to the goodwill and at that time women and girls wore a lot of dirndle skirts.G.W. would just pile them in cribs and sell them for as little as a nickle and at the most. 25 cents.

She and I would buy bunches and cut them up to make our kids clothes.I had 3 boys and a girl.My buff had 6 girls all a year apart.Our kids were very well dressed.

I still like to do stuff like that;only it cost more now and the kids are my ggk's.

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Kathi, Thanks for the compliment. I also have a large family but we have 6 sons. I only wish I had discovered thrift stores while they were all small. Half of them were grown before I really got into thrift store shopping. I go on the average of once a week. You never know what you will run across. This fabric was cut in very large pieces almost as though someone planned to make something but backed out. Who knows...their gain. Even though the fabric was cut, I did not have to piece together anything. I also buy clothing sometimes to cut up like you said you did. Long dresses and full skirts have lots of fabric. Of course you can sometimes get nice buttons on the item too.

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Excellent job! Those projects look professional. The fabrics coordinate so well with each other and look great with the wall color and the wood flooring.

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Just today I cut up 2 dresses that I hardly ever was a long denim one with lots of fabric in it.The other was a cotton check.Once I cut them apart I then cut out a skirt for my ggd and some shorts for her brotther.Then I plan to go to Michael's and get a few co-ordinating. t shots and applique something on the shirts to match the skirt and shorts.

I wanted to start sewing them today but it was just too hot and humid to stay in my sewing room any longer.After I sew them I'll post some pictures here.

Stay tuned.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nice job and great re-use of all that fabric. Can't beat the price either!

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Great use of the dress Kathi. Best thing is no one will have an outfit just like theirs. It also means that you thought enough to make them something just for them. I always love things that were made especially for me by my Grandmother or my Aunt.

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