Beeping smoke detector (already chaned batteries)

MetalMan2004November 6, 2012

One of our smoke detectors started beeping a couple of weeks ago. I changed the battery and it started beeping again! So, I changed the battery again. About a week later it is beepng again! I believe te detectors are hard wired with the battery for back up (not totally sure of this though.). Are there an suggestions as to why the batteries are running down? Both times I replaced using brand new batteries.

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Two possibilities: 1) the wired supply to the detector's not working, and the backup battery has run down to the point of a low-battery signal.

2) the detector's failed. Either it's past its use-by date, or it's just died prematurely.

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The detectors are "messengered" together and you'll need to find the one that has failed.
Or just replace all the batteries.

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Dust and spider webs can cause false alarms. Gently blow out the alarms. But probably a battery is failing in one of the other detectors.

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