circle cutter problem

deltaNovember 2, 2001

Hi just bought a circle cutter ,not sure if I can say the name ,anyhow im having a hard time with it, it just wants to cut half the circle ,does anyone have any hints on how to use them .LoL went through a bunch of paper trying it out .The name of it is really a well known brand


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Hi Fran...I never could get the cutters to work right....I have several and probably the one that you have. You hold down on the middle and then cut your circle around it...while holding down firmly...never works. I did succeed, however, in cutting a half circle on my table top one time, though. I haven't found one yet that works well...Deanna

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Hi Delta,

If its brand new that may be the problem. It sees like you have to break some of them in like a new pair of shoes

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You need 3 hands! Just kidding, I have one and I love it. You really have to firmly hold the center "button" and I usually go around the circle two times.
Also the blade has to be sharp.

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I am willing to bet my eye teeth that it's a fiskers circle cutter! Blue and Orange? They have stopped making them to the best of my knowledge due to how hard they are to use. I have often heard that if you use it on a GLASS mat it works much better. That is why fiskers came out with their new cutting system. Love Penny

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Hmmmm! I have never had a problem with mine, though I know you do need to hold it down hard and turn all the way around, and like someone mentioned, the blade has to be sharp. Good luck!

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thanks for the input on my circle cutter,I guess I will have to practice a bit more ,someone said it had to be a sharp blade ,well as it was brand new I took it that the blade they had put in it would be sharp .

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I returned mine and now have just purchased. the CM system and it is so much better it seems to me. Easy to use.

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