Plaster wall repair behind kitchen cabinets

jamshedNovember 6, 2011

I am replacing the kitchen cabinets in a 1930's house. When we took the upper cabinets off, large chunks of plaster fell off from behind the cabinets. (I think they were already loosened up by the person who installed the previous kitchen in 1988.) Anyway, there are parts of the missing plaster that extend beyound the cabinets and I will reprit those with a basecoat and skim coat. But should I bother plastering the whole area behind the cabinets too? I was going to nail shims to the studs to build them out to be plumb with the plaster, so that the cabinets would have some support behind them.

Am I being crazy/lazy? Should I just take the trouble to plaster the entire wall again?

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As long as the new cabinets are securely anchored and will be alignerd properly, I can see no reason to restore the plaster wall before installing them.

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Fori is not pleased

I wouldn't plaster but a chunk of drywall might be a quick fix.

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If there are holes through the plaster a quick repair might be worthwhile, but a 'perfect' repair is not required.

Just close up any actual holes.

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Air should not be able to pass freely into the stud space. That could increase the spread of fire. If the cabinets are not enough to seal off the space, patch the holes.

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