Garage door opener light won't go out !!!

iowatreeNovember 12, 2008

Hi, I have a Craftsman model # 41A3066 garage door opener that the light will not go out. Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks

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This is caused by a bad logic board. The logic board is the number you gave as the model number. The model number should be found on the opposite end of the opener. But anyway this is a pretty expensive repair and I think by that part number you have an old opener. Might start thinking about a new one but in the meantime you can remove the bulb.

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You probably checked this..but on the wall controller there is a button that if pushed on will keep the light on constantly.

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if you decide it is the logic board, I can tell you where NOT to buy a replacement: Ontario Supply. Found them on-line and the service was great, but the board they sent turned out to be defective and after I sent it back, they refused to refund the purchase price. My advice is just to call a repair service.

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I am having trouble with my overhead lights. The lights that usually come on when the garage is opened started coming on automatically last night staying on several minutes before going out (this happened several times). Several hours later (1:10 a.m.) it started again. I finally took the bulbs out. Any suggestions?

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