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Marc99November 30, 2005

Garage door starts down, goes couple of inches, goes back up, light bulb blinks.

Both Photo Eyes' LED are out - all wiring looks okay, nothing has happened to disturb the wiring. (Also, have taken the receiving eye off bracket, held very close to transmitting eye - I don't think it's an alignment issue)

Is this a bad logic board, most likely? Am I better off buying a new opener?

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You don't say how old the machine is. If it's only two years old, then it would be well worth it to buy new photo eyes, if that is actually the problem. The LED on the rear of the motor unit most likely will be flashing. Watch it for a while and count the flashes and post back. Did you have a lightning storm recently? Did you put some stuff on the storage shelf above the door that might have moved a wire comeing from the photo eyes?
A lot of people use a regular Arrow staple gun to attach those wires, and the staple cuts through the wire cover and shorts out the two wires. Movement in the wires can cause the short. Washing the garage floor with the garden hose and not covering the photo eyes with a plastic bag will fry them. They can't take direct water.
Yes, it could be the Logic Board (but I doubt it). You won't know for sure until you try another pair of photo eyes.

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Thanks GDS. The machine is about 7 years old. The LED on the rear motor unit is flashing - turns on for ~0.5 seconds, turns off for 5-8 seconds, turns on for ~0.5 seconds, etc.

Again, the LEDs on each photo eye is out. I guess if I did something to break the transmitting eye, the LED on the receiving eye would go out also, right? Point being, I figured it must be the board since both LEDs went out.

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The Transmitter eye will have a light on it that you can't get to go out. That light shows its transmitting. The receiving eye will only light up if its getting a strong hit from the transmitter. So, if the transmitting eye goes bad, it's light is not on, and it's not sending a signal across to the receiving eye, so the receiving eye won't light up.
So, it could be the transmiting eye is bad and the receiving eye works ok.
Go to a garage door company and see if they have any used photo eyes. We all keep used stuff in stock. No sense in throwing good stuff away.

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Thanks again GDS. You're pretty confident that it likely isn't the logic board, given the circumstances I've described?

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Make sure the photo eyes are UL325 standard! Why risk the safety of you or your loved ones.

I use Victory Garage Door Photo Eyes, and am very happy with their performance.

Here is a link that might be useful: UL325 Approved Photo Eyes! $65.

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Jay Hutcher

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