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PatOctober 24, 2001

Do you know if you can stitch photos together using Microsoft Picture It, I have photo albums on 12 x 12 paper and I'd like to scan them but my scanners not big enough. I've tried using Arcsoft Photostudio but can't seem to get them lined up properly.



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no, you can't stitch pictures together in Picture It. I'm pretty sure you can in Adobe PhotoShop. I use Picture It and it can do a lot of cool stuff that I use for my scrapbook though!!

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Thanks, I found a link on one of the older pages for Arcsoft Photosuite and downloaded the 30 day trial. The stitch features works great but it is a little fiddly. I also have Picture It but haven't gotten very good at it yet. The 12x12 pages I've scanned in look pretty good, on some pages I'm using Picture It to take out a good shot and make a page of its own. I plan to send the CD to my daughter when I'm done, the album is for me. Having lots of fun but as usual using an whole lot of time.

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