Sewing trim on a triangle

skye_August 26, 2007

I'm having the worst time trying to figure out how to sew a ribbon trim on a triangle! It's a wide ribbon (about 5") that I've folded in half so the trim will show on both sides. Can someone please tell me what to do when I get to the "V" at the bottom so there's a verticle fold? I've tried and tried but it looks like it's just not going to happen for me! Surely there's a way! Or will I have to cut and stich it rather than attempt the folded crease? I'm sewing ribbon on the two sides only (no trim across top)and have become brain-dead when I get to the bottom. Thanks for your help!

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Are you trying to use the ribbon as binding, meaning that the folded portion of the ribbon will cover the raw edge of the fabric and show the ribon on each side of the work?

I don't completely understand what you're trying to do.

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I think skye wants a flat ribbon trim of 2.5" extending into a 'V' at the bottom of a triangle of fabric having a seam at the bottommost point of the triangle, vertically. What do you say skye? If so, pin the corners of the triangle onto your ironing board, pins standing up. not flat. Start pinning the trim along one side to almost the bottom. Stop there then bring trim to the other side pinning flat where you can to the end. You will now have bunched trim at that bottom point. Fold where you can to arrive at that "V" you desire. I hope that works. You may have to open the trim in order to trim off extra fab then re-fold it to your 2.5". Let us know if this works.Salena

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Hi! Yes, chelone, you're exactly right. And thanks salena for your response. I kept working on it until I figured it out. I basically did just as salena suggested and it turned out great - project is finished and I'm a happy camper! Thanks again for responding!


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