Totally pedestrian purchases

mtnrdredux_gwJuly 11, 2014

So, our beach house is really coming together, and except for some long lead times on things like WT, we are almost done.

I have a need for three very pedestrian items, but I am not happy just to buy any old thing (an affliction I blame on GW). So, any ideas on good sources for or examples of:

1. Countertop paper towel holders
2. Door stops
3. Drawer liners

I feel like I have seen really cute or interesting versions of these here and there from time to time, but now that i want to buy them, no dice. Ya got anything?


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I don't post very often, but I purchased one of these pottery paper towel holders and love it. You may like it as well.

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BB&B= bed bath & beyond

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Wow, I had no idea what I've been missing :)

Contemporary Gas Ranges And Electric Ranges by Chicago Furniture & Accessories Crate&Barrel

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz paper towel holders

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I have a small collection of antique animal doorstops, and just love them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Doorstop

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Love that rope doorstop.

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Pedestrian purchases, as in "so I went out today and did a little pedestrian purchasing ". I guess that's the same as shopping or *retail* shopping, right?
I'm so damn down to earth and hate having to dig out my Roget's Thesarus for an explanation of anything. Maybe I'm just linguistically challenged. No 'mean girls' tactics intended, so please don 't take offense. KISS....keep it simple sistah!

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Mtn means for "commonplace, unimaginative" items. Which should be readily available, but aren't.

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Drawer liners? Organizers? For which rooms?

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There's always a way to have an item custom made, whether it be iron, wood, paper, cloth, etc. Artists and craftspeople are everywhere, and if you can come up with a design, or use theirs, you get exactly what you want.

Repurposing is another idea. Just because something is made for one thing doesn't mean it can't be used for something else. I made a paper towel holder out of a SS(plated)candlestick, keep utencils in a SS water pitcher, and repurposed a SS teapot into a lamp. You're also creating a one-of- kind item made by you, for you! How great is that?

I haven't used store-bought drawer liners for years , but use wallpaper instead. I buy most of it on etsy or ebay because it's sold in small increments, sometimes a single roll vs a double roll(or less),which would be way too much. It's heavier and 'stays put'. Wrapping paper is also good, especially if it 's a thicker paper.

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Patty, You are right. I just feel like I have been places and seen imaginative examples of these items, but had no use at the time. Maybe I can look on Etsy.
Wallpaper would drive me batty unless i bought a large enough paper cutter to make it perfectly square!

Fun2behere, Some of the bedrooms have a chest of drawers built into the eaves, 110 years ago. I dusted and wiped the drawers out, but I want a liner to give a nice clean smooth surface for guests or to store linens/towels.

Exactly, Pal.

Patty, but I did keep it simple. I avoided saying "quotidian". : )

Sochi, I do too. But I think I will look on ebay for others, too. I may go a bit kitsch. The breeezes blow the doors shut all over the house so I need several.

Best, how cute!

Nosoccer, i forgot about the plain white marble; i will probably opt for that.

BBB, kind of boring, boring, boring ... but they will have whatever i need, i admit.

Joy - that is so cool!

Pal - great doorstop, thx!

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Sounds like you are making strides to finish and be able to enjoy the fall in your Maine house.

The thrill of the hunt is where I find enjoyment for the types of items you are looking for. As has been suggested, B,B&Beyond or WS are good choices for an counter-top paper towel holder.

I found great black and white toile drawer liner at HomeGoods for our Cape house. It's sold by the roll and can be cut to fit. It was exactly what I was looking for and I just happened upon it!

Although we don't really "need" door stops, we have them here just for fun. This one is from my childhood summer home in NH. It is an antique iron, which was used on the Coleman "pot-belly" stove in a bygone era. We have a few of these:

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sorry dp

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I like anchors for door stops at the beach, just seems to make sense, but there are several anchor designs to pick from, so google away! Paper towel holders, I would need to see the finished design of the kitchen. Drawer liners, doesn't matter, you have outstanding taste so what ever you like.

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Mtn'dux, I use a t-square, so the pieces come out perfect! I've
been wallpapering for years and it's a trick my Father taught me, along with staining, painting, and general things you would teach a son , but my brother never showed the interest that I did. Go figure.

How about spray painting the inside of the old drawers? Especially if they have a musty smell. If not a color, a clear gloss poly.

You must have minored, or majored in linguistics. I've never heard that word used. lol

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I love a fun doorstop. Check out West End.

Here is a link that might be useful: doorstops

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In our beach house, we have two types of doorstops.

1. Large rocks from the beach.

2. Glass jars with lids (not apothecary jars really, but I'm not sure what you call them. The ones we have are from a fancy shop known as Home Goods. Maybe 10" H x 5" dia., with lids. Filled with beach stones. They work remarkably well.

I was also going to suggest wrapping paper as drawer liner. The heavier sheets of wrapping paper from the fancy paper store, versus the rolled type.

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Here's an interesting source for drawer linings. Live link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drawer Liners

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I love my paper towel jar from David T Smith

Other favorites I've seen are repurposed items: butcher paper or wrapping paper dispenser, ice tongs and paint roller holder.

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Paper towel holder

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy

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Alright Allison, now I'm a little, kinda obsessed over paper towel jars!!!!!!!

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I lined my kitchen drawers with cork. You can get a roll of plain underlayment cork for a reasonable cost (I'd suggest 1/4 in at most, thinner if you can find it). You will have plenty left over for cork boards, trivets, and anything else you can come up with.

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Well, as it turns out, you can get pretty snazzy with paper towel holders:

I think I may go with these:

They pick up the turquoise of the fridge, have some interest but are not bulky and are cheap enough that I won't feel bad about donating them if I find better...

As for doorstops, I need at least 7, so I am having fun on etsy looking for old ones.

As for drawer liners, Fun2behere, thank you so, so much! I love the selection ,and that they will cut them, too. I may go a little crazy and do everything!

Allison, I love that style although it may be a little bulky for the two spots I want to keep PT.

SueB, I admit I love HomeGoods, esp for trendy items that you want to be able to switch out when your tastes change. Love your glass jar idea!

Annie cat, those are cute! We should get the Flying Pig as homage to Maine's yummy Flying Pigs bakery.

Patty, Lucky you to pick up those skills. Actually I was a Statistics major then Finance. I just like words!
I hadn't thought about painting. That may be a good option, esp if I use something like Aura so I don't get a paint smell. The mustiness is not too bad, and I have sachets in all of them. I was also thinking i would keep the extra bedding in the plastic zippered cases it comes in.

Bonnie, Thank goodness we have been able to enjoy it for a while now ... it was in good enough shape to move in early June. We have been spending a week at a time there, every other week, and just love it.
Your iron is great, and especially so for the memories it carries!

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Doorstop, not kitsch, but nice. Cast iron

Tetu Iron River Stone Door Stopper

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Cath Kidston has a range of drawer liner papers that might suit linen storage.

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Door stops: petrified rocks, vintage cast iron irons (Grammas), very large conch (honeymoon), small copper coal hod (gift from my mom years ago), basket with Legos inside (bet you can't believe this serves two purposes), an antique cobbler's iron shoe last (my Gramps).

Drawer Liner: Back in the day when I hung wallpaper, I had a lot of scrap wallpaper and sometimes scrap means a triple roll, which will line a lot of drawers but I used to wallpaper my bedrooms and use the excess to line the drawers in that room. I used the spray sticky instead of the wallpaper paste.

I have a paper towel holder in laundry room that sits on counter and when I roll off paper it plays "Rhapsody in Blue" for about 30 seconds. Got it on Ebay a few years ago. Pulls off at music staff. It gives a whole new meaning to laundry day is blue Monday.

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"Actually I was a Statistics major then Finance"

So was my youngest son!

Where did you find the PT holders? I have one in almost the same style except it has a little Rooster on top, but I ended up putting it away because when I had an emergency and needed paper towels in a hurry, the holders were a PITA.

I like yours better.

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I use cork to line my drawers, it prevents items from shifting around when the drawers are opened and closed. I have bought it at Target and Williams Sonoma.
Mackenzie Childs has some cute and whimsical paper towel holders.

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Clever paper towel holders you found. I love the idea of paper towel jars, Allison. I've never seen those. I have a simple plastic holder mounted inside the cabinet door under the sink. I try to use washable cloths rather than paper towels when I can, so they don't need to be out on the counter...well, except when my mother is visiting. She can go through a whole roll in a week, so they have to be

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maire_cate I thought you were shopping for a new crosswalk.......

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I also like wallpaper for drawer liners. It works better than any regular liner I've used and I like blackwatch plaid lining the drawers.

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Mtn - I love the paper towel holders you found -- where did you find them? I am actually still using the paper towel holder left here by the previous homeowner, so I think its time for a new one!

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Hi Gail,
They are from World Market.

LOL, Maire

Fun, LOL, Have you tried the rolls with half sheets? It has cut down a bit on PT usage in our house.

Jshore, I love cork,but this is for bedrooms mostly. I actually posted a MC PT holder above but it didn't come out. I like the b/w white but it's wrong for my kitchen.

Oakley, cool, what does he do? The PT holder is from World Market.

LOL, Patricia.

Sochi, I like that a lot.

KSWL, I am totally into Fun2BeHere's source, since they cut it for you!

BTW, I have focussed on Etsy as a source for doorstops. Letting kids pick their own. So far a melange, everything from the knot Pal showed, to a stoneware milkjug in the K, a rusty old retriever for the "dog's room" (PO called it the maid's rm but it's where her bed is, off the K), and some of these:

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Love the rope doorstopper. I think little ones visiting my house would think it was a toy just waiting to be played with though!

Allison, is that a soap dispenser behind your faucet? What type of glass container did you use ? I need to decide if I want to use something pretty like that to replace the plastic Dawn bottle or if I should install a built in soap dispenser when we get our new counters.

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That looks like an olive oil pourer.

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Fun2BHere and TheFoxesPad, it's handmade ceramic. A piece of art, and a price tag to match. But DH insisted on keeping a roll on the counter and I wasn't having that. I'd love another one for the laundry room, but can't justify a second.

mtnrdredux, I thought it might be a little bulky for your kitchen but thought I'd show you anyway. I love the painted ones you've found!

juddgirl2, dish liquid is in a really thick glass wine bottle I purchased at POSH Chicago. The bottom has glass about 2" tall. The description said the bottles are not easily knocked over. Bought a cork olive oil spout for pouring. I've been using a bottle for dish liquid for 20 years. Love. DD2 has my last one, and it has an all plastic spout. Both spouts were purchased at a kitchen shop. I'd since added a very large mason jar for hand soap.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Ooooh, a cork spout, that is the answer! Thank you, Allison. i was using a ribbed olive oil bottle (the ribs make it less slippery) but the rubber for the spout got loose and fell into the bottle which was incentive for DH to ignore it and leave the bottle of dish soap on the counter. Now I know how to fix the problem (unfortunately, I also found other bottles to tempt me).

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I need a door stop for every interior door in my house, thanks to Zephyr the cat. He will close the door, shut himself in whatever room (or closet) it happens to be, and howl piteously. Currently I use those awful rubber wedges, but now you all have inspired me to try something else.

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I had a wedding gift to buy and thought this would be a perfect color. I own one of these paper towel holders myself and they are just beautiful, work great and are wonderful highlight to my kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paxis Place Pottery

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I don't have a paper towel holder, my drawer liner is the waffle-ish kind from Wal-mart.

My doorstops are sections of in the Railroad. DH is a conductor and has brought home all kinds of discards, big springs, metal plates, spikes, and bolts. The rail sections are around 1.5 to 2 inches. Like the link, but not so long of course. Iron and heavy :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Rail

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mtn, I started following Polish Kitchen on Facebook after you posted about them. They are having a sale if you were still thinking of ordering:

"Back to school savings start today! Save 20% on your order of $100 or more. Use code Aug20 at checkout. Extra special free shipping for orders over $149!"

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Just catching up on this thread. I never knew I needed a collection of antique doorstops, but I guess I do. Love them. Sadly, my house is so small that I don't have a lot of doors, and those that I do have do not need stopping. They either stay closed or stay open.

I bought kitchen drawer liners at Ikea. Rather jejune, if I do say so myself. ;)

Mtrd, that first paper towel holder -- the ceramic blue one -- is rather phallic looking. Glad you did not get that.

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Think outside the box for a non-pedestrian doorstop.

Back in the 40s my mom had my sister's baby shoes bronzed. She used them as bookends. I use them as doorstops.

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