What to do with baby cards and announcements

ElaineOctober 24, 2001

I'm curious what people do with the baby announcements they receive from their friends. Some of them are so cute I hate to throw them away.

Also, I'm pregnant and just had my first baby shower. What should I do with the cute shower cards I got?

As far as all that goes, what do you do with your Christmas cards each year?



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Dear Elaine,
You have several options:
1. Make a scrapbook page that has a pocket or flap at the bottom of the page to hold the cards.
2. Test the cards for acid and if they test negative you can cut them up and use the pretty images for die cuts on pages.
3. Spray the cards with archival mist if they are acidic, after testing them with an acid pen, and then use them. I have found that the price of the card is not always a good indicator of acid content. I have found acid free cards priced really low, and high, so testing them is the safest way. Love Penny

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