altering fitted sheets

bbstxAugust 25, 2008

I have two sets of sheets that I love *but* the bottom sheet of each set is huge. My mattress is 12" deep. It is a standard king-size bed.

If I put the "dart"(that is what I'm calling the corner stitching, for lack of a better term) on the upper right corner and pull the sheet taut, the dart on the lower right corner is about 6" off the bed. NOTE that is not pulling diagonally but straight down one side. Same holds true from side to side.

I like/prefer/need to sleep on a sheet that is flat and unwrinkled. I can tuck all the extra under the mattress, but it doesn't stay long, and it really doesn't fit since only one "dart" will be in the proper place.

Does anyone know of a way to alter the sheet so that it will fit properly?

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Do just what you're doing now, but turn the sheet inside out and pin the new corner seams to fit, like making a slipcover. Mark the new sheet edge (where you'll need to move the elastic to) and remember in both cases to leave a little extra so you can get it on and finish any newly cut edges. If there's no elastic on that edge, forget about it. You can forget it on the corners, too, if you remember to make the bed starting on that side.

I'd first sew just the height of the mattress, put it back on, and see about how much you want to go in underneath. If you slide the mattress over so it's free of the box spring, it would be pretty easy to just continue pinning from your new sewn corner.

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Thanks, tl. I'll give it a try.

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