Yo Budster!

kathyg_in_miAugust 10, 2009

I'm going to mail another click bag to Canada, Chatham to be exact. What are my chances of it getting there on the first try, LOL?

Kathy G in MI

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Well let's see.....Chatham - hummm, been there myself, passed through so to speak......seemed like postal service was functioning .....no discarded parcels lined the sidewalks, or ditches on the road...Chatham, long ways from me - on the island. I THINK it will arrive......not be redirected to say Halifax, Summerside or Ottawa even....I think you are safe. BUT, there could just be a gremlin awaiting at the border to redirect all parcels from MI you know. Hummmmmmm, insure it for a million bucks and see if it makes it. Good luck - Budster

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Thanks for the heads up! Maybe I'll camoflage(sp) the package.
Kathy G in MI

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