New to scrapbooking, how to use napkins, newspaper cutouts, etc.

BettyOctober 28, 2001

Can I use napkins, cards, other non specific scrapbooking materials in my scrapbook? I am new scrapbooking and to this forum and have read about the Xyron machine and archival mist. Can someone tell me which one is better to use. Do you even need to use these? And I saw a post about testing for acid, how is this done? Sorry for so many questions but you all seem so knowledgable about this and any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Betty

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Hi Betty,

I was told at my first class it is okay to use things in your scrapbook as long as they don't touch the actual photos, because if they aren't acid free they would eventually ruin your photos. i have used ribbon and flyers and ticket stubs......but if its something i feel i can't replace like a newspaper clipping or my first G-child's sonogram I take it to my scrapbook store and they will spray with archival mist for a dollar a spray. If you have a lot to do it would pay to spend the 40. for a can.I also have been told if it has a strong smell such as a marker,or if it runs when wet, such as ribbons or material. DON't USE!

Good luck

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