coloring black and whit e photos

vikiOctober 30, 2001

Can anyone give me any tips on tinting black and white photos.I never have any luck.



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you cant go wrong with the photo twins coloring pens. they are awesome i used them on my wedding photos we had a roll of black and white pics done just so that i could use the photo twins pens they are just like coloring with markers.

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the photo twin markers are the ones i used and they turned my daughters skin yellowand the blue didn't show up at it the photo finish? I had copies made of a color photo.Should i use the regualar black and white film? Should i get the matte finish vs the glossy?

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YES use black and white film and although you can use glossy ones matte is much better they make some spray stuff that you can spray on glossy photos to make em matte but it is expensive. What happened with your photos was the fact that you had black and white copies made from color film and the films color pigments were coming thru still. Try black and white film you will love the results. I noticed though it is best to leave the skin tone alone it never looks right :)and dont try to color everything just one or two thing in the picture when i did my wedding pics i only colored in my bouquet.

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I have some I did 15 years ago in collage that still look great. I just used highlighters (blue and pink) and sharpies (red and black). This was pre- acid free, of course. But they worked great. Little did I know it would become a big business.

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Thanks for all the tips guys

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