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vikiOctober 25, 2001

found a picture of me at Easter when I was a child in the 50's funny easter bonnet and cateye glasses. Compared it with a photo of my daughter at the same age at Easter, minus the cateye glasses. And she always thought she looked like her Father....Anyone have any cute ideas for a page?


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My first idea is maybe a LARGE pair of cateye glasses...and maybe your Easter photo in one lens and your daughter's Easter photo in the other lens. If you wanted it to look more "Easter-ish" you could maybe use an Easter paper for the background & make the glasses frame a pastel color. Just a thought...maybe it will stimulate some other ideas. Mrs. T

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Mrs T.

That is a cute idea.Not very artistic with making the glasses though. Sounds like a job for one of my fellow scrappers.

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