Dishwasher left or right side of sink?

jerry_njNovember 13, 2009

I installed a new undercounter dishwasher in the same place as always, the right side when facing the sink. My wife comes up tonight and says it is a left side dish washer because the silverware basket is designed to set along the right (far) side of the lower rack. This would mean if that unit was installed in a left side of sink arrangement the silverware basket would be near the person standing in front of the sink and loading. Frankly I don't see any big difference, ableit I am a good bit taller (if that helps). I don't think dishwasher manufacturers make two basket arrangements, one for the left, and one for the right side of sink installation.

What do you think, know?

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Just another thing to argue over.

Our DW has a design that allows putting the utensil basket on either side. The DW is on the left of the sink, and the basket is more easily accessed on the left of the DW.

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Most folks are right handed and prefer the DW on the right.

You can put it however you want.

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Ours continues to be on the right side. The "problem" in my wife's mind is the space for the table-ware holder/rack is on the right side of the lower master basket. The dividers are so arranged so that the most efficient way to load dishes is to put the table-ware basket in its place. She was happy putting the TW basket out of position in front, horizontal with the door, but on the new dishwasher (now water-saving design) that position somewhat blocks spray flow to the soap dispenser, so now she thinks it must be that the TW basket should be on the left side of the master basket so that it would be next to one's leg, standing with the DW on the right. Then they would not have to reach over the dishes to reach the basket on the right side. This concern has let her to think they sold us a dishwasher for a left side installation. There is nothing in the installation guidelines that suggests one side over the other, and I tell her we didn't buy the wrong model, that layout is what manufacturer provides, for installation on either side. I have no problem with the TW basket on the left side. Well, no problem other than as noted.

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I've had them on both sides of the sink and never thought about it that much. Although as I think about it, I guess having the utensil basket nearer the sink would be somewhat easier to use.

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Guess what? Saturday and I happen to pass through Lowes.

I walked by the display of dishwashers, I suppose at least 20 of them on display. I didn't look in each one, but did a good sample of models/makes and found about half of them (Whirlpool among them) had the utensil basket in the door. I read sometime back in Consumer Reports (I think it was) that the door arrangement was not as good as down in the main basket. Well of the rest I found all but one with the utensil basket on the right side, just like ours. The other had the basket in the middle.

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I'm with you. Something has got to be on the far side from where you stand, and it's either the silverware or the what? I see this as a distinction without a difference. Your wife is a fortunate person if this is the biggest problem in her life at the moment!

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Reach over the dishes to get to the silverware or reach over the silverware to get the dishes. I'm picky about these kinds of things, but I don't get this one. I don't believe there are right side and left side dishwashers.

Since I like to live on the edge and I place my knife blades UP, it would be safer for me to have the silverware on the far side of the dishwasher.

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I've got bad news for you guys, or for the guys if some are gals, this gets worse with time, not better. I am approaching my 50th wedding anniversary. Sorry, life doesn't get easier.

My main reason for posting the question was to find out if I was too simple minded to believe there is a right-side and left-side dishwasher design. This is the complaint I got, and that the sales person didn't do their job because they didn't tell us. Now that tells you something about what I am up against :>(

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Personally, I'd replace the wife with one that agreed your installation of the dishwasher was correct...

But that's just me...:)

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I hear your pain. Most of us have been through some version of this, just with another issue. At any rate, from one simple-minded guy to another, I can affirm that left-handed dish washers only exist in a parallel universe where people use left-handed hammers and left-handed wrenches. Now if we could only convince your wife....

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Jerry, is there anyway, you could move it to the other side to please your wife? I have never heard of a left hand or right hand side dishwasher, so I asked a sales person, they have never heard of it either. In any case, I do know that a dishwasher location can feel awkward to some people. I have had mine on the left hand side for many many years, but we just moved this summer, and this house has it on the right side. To me it is just awkward, because I like my dishes on the right hand side of the sink, but I dont want to have to reach over an open dishwasher to put them away, so now have them on the left. I am sure I will eventually get used to it, but right now, it is a pet peeve for me. If I could possibily grow about 6 inches in height, then maybe I would actually be able to have them up in the cabinet to the right of the sink, but since I am 70 yrs old, doubt that will happen. Good Luck to you.

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I suppose it might be possible to find, either from the same company or from DW with similar spec's, a new lower master basket that has the utensil basket on the "correct" side--such might be available as on occasion one breaks. Likely not to be cheap,though. Maybe an anniversary present?

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Does the DW manufacturer have a replacement lower rack with the silverware basket on the other side? It migt be worth a call.

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This to shall pass! In a year or 20, she will have gotten used to the new dishwasher and all will be well, at least in regards to the dishwasher. Buyer's remorse?

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Pass, indeed. I've already taken the "dear" to smooth the waters... I say "just leave the dishes, I'll load the dishwasher", better that than have her find something else.

I've already stated we've been married almost 50 years, so while I still haven't figured "it" all out, I've developed some defensive strategies... albeit more work for me. Still, she is a good cook, and does spend some time fixing a nice dinner most nights. And as you could guess by the length of time we've been married, I'm retired and need something to do anyway.

This dishwasher started off with at lease one strike against it. First she wanted a washer with the controls on the upper edge, so the front had no visible controls, just a full width handle, otherwise a flat white surface. Our last maching was stainless steel inside, as most of the upper price models are. After reading in Consumer Reports (no longer a favorite of mine for other reasons) I learned that stainless adds nothing but cost. So while we got a machine with "hidden" controls, it is "plastic" inside. So, better she doesn't have to look inside: that's two strikes: utensil basket location, and not stainless.

I think the machine does a good job, it is bigger than our past model, so we get two days (if I push) per wash and it uses less hot water, this sums to big energy$$ savings. Since these were my main goals in getting a new dishwasher, I can figure that's my pay for "doing the dishes". Yes, I know how good a job the machine does because I also empty the dishwasher.

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Ours is in a corner of the cabinets to the left of the kitchen sink and the silverware goes on the right side which is okay. The problem is in the planning of the kitchen when the door is open on the DW it blocks two of the cabinet doors where pots and pans are stored so they are close to the stove so you have to place the items on the counter and close the DW to put them up. This is no huge deal but if the DW was on the right side of the sink it would not block access to any cabinets when open, but then the silverware holder would have to be on the left UGH.

I told my fiance' jokingly when she was voicing what a pain it is for the dishwasher to be in the corner that it won't matter later because that is why the bride wears white.. so the dishwasher matches the stove and fridge. She gave me a quick laugh and really dirty look.

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