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PurplemartinOctober 27, 2001

Just figured out how to download different I can "really" have some fancy album pages....

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i love fonts i have almost 600 different ones

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Ha...I think I'm getting you use them on your album pages? I was particularly looking for the ones with dots on the letters and I have found three different versions of that...I'm having a ball. I was afraid I was getting too many, but, hey...if you have six hundred, I'm doing all right. I love them, too. At our local scrapbook store, they sold sheets of sayings in different I can make my own. I also found a site that had all kinds of I'm going to be in business. The look of my albums has sure changed since I got my computer...I also make customized stickers for my pages. Our granddaughter recently had a birthday party and the theme was "Powerpuff Girls" I found lots of clipart for Powerpuff girls and used them on my pages....I just didn't know how to get differnt I do.

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tracymomo4....about the they come through on your e-mail? I've just been having a ball with this...then I got my bubble burst...they aren't going through on e-mail...they show up as plain text. All of my other fonts...that were on my computer to begin with work, but the downloaded ones don't. I can still use them in my albums and in letters, but I would like them in my e-mail also. And..this way, I will have to remember which ones I have downloaded when I do e-mail as they don't make it through on it....have you ever heard of this problem...and do yours work on your e-mail??

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i can use any of my fonts on my emails but some of em arent really suited to emails if you want i can send you a list showing which ones i have a lot of mine are just plain looking text that came with the puter i like fancy ones and the ones in shapes of things like my dh is a huge batman fan and i have one that the letters are in the shape of bats lol. someone told me that the average puter will hold up to a 1000 different fonts

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Hi a lurker here. I just wanted to tell you that the reason some of your fonts show up as plain text to others in emails, is because they have to have the same font installed on their computer for them to see it. That is why you can send ones that came on your computer and they are seen. The ones you downloaded are probably ones that the people you are emailing don't have. HTH

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Tracymom...yes...I would like a list of your fonts

Robin...ah ha...that answers "that" there is really no use in putting the downloaded fonts into e-mail as they won't come out the way you put them in. I guess I'll just be using them for my album pages...which is all right, too. I use full-sheet sticker paper and make my headlines and text for my pictures and then add clipart that I find that pertains to each picture. This eliminates buying a sheet of stickers and just using a few of them..

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