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emagineerJuly 25, 2010

I really enjoy the blogs posted on the other threads. Those of you with blogs....can you post them for us? or even some of your favorites. I enjoy the gardening, smaller homes and remodels, plus the re-purposing.

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Hi Sandy ~ Here is the link to my blog.

My latest post is about my little creative space.

Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerLady's Musings

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Thanks Flower...I've always loved your blog and how you can take "something" and create wonderful uses. You also have that knack to make smaller look bigger even with more.

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Once I'm close to starting my build, I'll start a blog as well to keep friends informed. Now all I have to do is figure out HOW to make a blog......

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Jay, I'm with you, dude!
What makes a blog different from a webpage or a Livejournal journal entry? Anyone know?

Flowerlady, are you the only one among us with a blog? Where is everyone else?

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Okay, blogsters, where are you? I am curious about where to go to start a blog. I see Flowerlady uses Blogspot. And Jay, where do you intend to set up shop?

I have a livejournal location, which I seldom post to any more. It is not dedicated to any one spot. It is also under the name MoccasinLanding. Mostly text. I also have a personal website called which needs serious updating. Since I got married, I've had more to do than I can keep up with. Posting photos on Webshots, and then onto Gardenweb is the extent of my involvement online these days. I backed off Facebook, which I found too darned intrusive, although I loved playing Farmville. But it is just another online place that wants your money for a zero return on your investment.

I also opted into the Youtube place, but so far have no videos of my own. I do like to comment on some of the parrot videos. Parrots are still an important part of my life.

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I'll have to ask our son how/where to set up a blog. I'm not ready to start yet, since I have nothing to show. I have LOTS to say, but who would want to listen to it? LOL! So for now, I'd just be talking to myself, which I already do, and there's no typing involved.

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I'm very laid back in my posting, but here it is. It has a list of links to my favorites, as well as another I keep.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet Tea and Lemon

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What a fun blog Gardner. I find them so telling of the people who post. You are a happy, content gal. Love what you have done and the little garden extras, plus inspiration photos.

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Could someone explain to me what exactly is a BLOG? How is that different from a personal home page? Is it like the journal I keep online?

An elderly friend of mine said she had a blog, but it was just some essays she wrote and sent out on a forum she belongs to. And since I was not a member there, she sends them to me via email. In that sense, would not this conversation side of Smaller Homes be a common or mutual blog?

Somehow this slipped under my radar. If I have a "blog" then it might take a load of this forum when I go there instead.

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ML ~ Blogspot is very easy to set up and use. I've been blogging now for almost two years. I don't blog every day, but sometimes I post a couple of posts or more in one day, it depends on what is happening.

Gardener ~ I like your blog and look forward to backtracking to read more. I do love your little home too.


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ML, a blog is a place where you write, post pictures, and/or post links to things that have meaning for you. My DH had one where he wrote essays about whatever he was thinking about. Sometimes it was something from the news, sometimes from a book that he was reading. It is like having a column of your own - only published in the ether instead of on paper.

I believe the term "blog" is short for "web log," so yes, you can call your journal your blog. I am not sure, but I think that being publicly available (to at least folks who have to register to see it) is an essential part of the beast. At Blogspot or Wordpress, you can build yourself a little community of like-minded folks by visiting each other's blogs, reading posts, and leaving feedback comments. DH made many webfriends that way. You can have links to blogs you like on your blog, too, and this way people who like your work can hook up to people who you like, so a community builds.

Now will someone explain to ME why Facebook is better than just writing nice long emails to your friends? Believe me, ML, with your tendency to be complete and write about thoughts and feelings and memories, you will find Facebook's constraints just as unfathomable as I do!

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My blog isn't much about houses, gardens, or crafts these days. Maybe I'll get back to that stuff soon.

My blog, such as it is, is here

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Tiny house solutions, budget renovations, recipes, before and afters and gardening all on their way :)

Grey Stables

Here is a link that might be useful: Grey Stables Blog

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Mine focuses on MCM design in the Birmingham, AL area. I also have some posts in there about our kitchen reno.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic City Modern

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Jakabedy, so pleased you listed your blog here. I've read posts by you on the kitchen forum, I think it was, and noted that you are also an Alabama gal. I'm down in Mobile.

And while I am not a MCM person, I absolutely adore that bird feeder design. I'm assuming this feeder will still be available in about a month when I get more projects complete.

A month from today the Festival of Flowers begins on the grounds of the Providence Hospital (off Airport Blvd in Mobile), and I always go looking for good garden stuff and bargain plants as well. Perhaps I'll see that feeder during the show.

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