Aluminum siding is falling off...

xantippeNovember 2, 2006

This spring, we purchased a lovely little 1929 English style cottage. The only problem with it was that it has aluminum siding. We really don't like aluminum siding, but we thought we could deal with it... that is, until this week's high winds. *cue ominous music*

So far, two pieces of siding have started to come off. Both are about twenty feet long. One came off halfway (as in flopping on the ground at one end, but still attached at the other end). The other one is just lifting up at the bottom by several inches. The winds and rains are supposed to continue, so I'm really scared!

So, my question for all you experts is how do we reattach the falling/fallen pieces? Do we use special nails? Special adhesive? Or what?

Also, how do we go about deciding if the siding needs to come down permanently? We would love to restore the integrity of the house by exposing the original shingles, but weÂre terrified of opening a can of worms. ItÂs just a starter house, so we canÂt afford to sink a ton into it. On the other hand we sure hate that siding!

Thank you so much for your help! I really, really appreciate it.

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If the original siding is under the aluminum siding, assume it was covered for a reason.

If a wind pulled it off, it might have been put on with short nails or maybe those pieces were not nailed into studs or who knows. Because you don't know your best bet is get a siding person or handy man in to try to rehang it as a quick fix.

In your purchase did you get a standard one year warranty for any major defects? Siding that blows off the first big wind is a major defect because it either wasnt hung correctly or was hung on a surface that needed to be replaced.

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